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Bitter Restaurant Fight

Bitter restaurant lawsuit ends with the little Tex-Mex spot giving way to a Houston power: What's your name?

By Eric Sandler

The contentious legal fight between one of Houston's most high-profile restaurants and a casual Tex-Mex spot has come to an end. The person named Hugo has prevailed over the restaurant with &qu ...

Major Restaurant Fight

Restaurant name fight triggers a lawsuit: One of Houston's top chefs charges an upstart with copycat

By Eric Sandler

What's in a name? Shakespeare may not have thought that names are very important, but one of Houston's most high-profile chefs is going to court to protect his. Hugo Ortega and Tracy Va ...

Lunch Drama

Nurses getting taken advantage of at local hospitals? Lawsuits raise serious issues

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Houston nurses are allegedly not receiving the compensation they deserve for working through their lunch breaks — 30 minutes which are automatically deducted from their pay — at le ...

Restaurant Drama Lawsuit

Tex-Mex Drama: Restaurant dispute leads to a federal lawsuit, kills local chain's expansion

By Eric Sandler

It's no trick. Clear Lake won't be getting an El Tiempo Cantina location after all.  "We are no longer associated with the Webster site," El Tiempo owner Roland Laurenzo ...

Country Star's Bar Shamed

Sad song: A country music mega star's new Houston bar is accused of stiffing contractors, not paying its taxes

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Prominent country music singer Toby Keith is in the spotlight in Houston, but it has nothing to do with his music. The country star's eponymous chain restaurant Toby Keith's I Love ...

Grocery Games

No white lie? Whole Foods sued for falsely reporting sugar content in a grocery store staple

By Katie Friel

When Consumer Reports decided to do a taste test of plain Greek yogurt last month, researchers didn't expect to uncover a potential conspiracy. Among the yogurt being tested was the Whole F ...

Trademark Battle with Teeth

Battle of the beavers: Buc-ee's sinks teeth into lawsuit over "copycat" logo

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Any Texan who's ever taken a cross-state road trip can probably identify the smiling buck-toothed beaver in the red baseball cap as the trademark for Buc-ee's, the omnipresent gas station a ...

Billionaire Wins Casino Suit

Houston billionaire wins big in casino lawsuit leaving gamblers he offered to pay holding nothing

By Heather Staible

A good gambler's first rule of betting is knowing when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em and when to take an offer from hotel and restaurant magnate Tilman Fertitta, Houston's own b ...

Houston Snow Cone Fight

Dairy Queen goes after a small Houston snow cone truck with an icy legal fury: No blizzard for you!

By Kate Bentsen

When Texas Blizzard earned recognition for producing the No. 1 snow cone in all of Houston by CultureMap, the family truck's steady climb toward building a local brand was validated. ...

Media Rumblings

A bitter media feud: Texas Monthly sues the New York Times for hiring move, asks for $1 million

By Katie Friel

Just two weeks after Texas Monthly editor in chief Jake Silverstein announced he was leaving to head The New York Times Magazine, Texas Monthly's publisher is suin ...

48 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (48)   Places (0)
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