• I've had to forgo $5 happy hour pizza at Benjy's[http://houston.culturemap.com/mapdetail/benjys-washington/] to jog up and downshills I never knew we had in Houston.
  • The routine at my primary boot camp is comprised of strength training drillsinterspersed with jogging sprints, all accompanied by a whole lot of "angry"yelling from our well-meaning instructor.
    Photo by Whitney Radley
  • So many people begin workout routines and boot camps around this time that I'mless likely to fall behind the jogging pack and become traumatized away fromexercise
    Photo by Shelby Hodge

  • See more farm-raised and game meats on Houston menus, as Rainbow Lodge has doneso well for years and others have followed suit.
    Rainbow Lodge/Facebook
  • A seemingly endless list of new food trucks continue to open to the delight ofHoustonians who love the often clever, delicious and reasonably-priced farecreated by entrepreneurial chefs.
    Photo by Bethany Quillin
  • Look for more attention to be paid to bread, including housemade artisan breadand bread service like Chef Kevin Naderi offers at Roost.
    Photo by Billy Knox
  • Meatless: Chef Anita Jaisinghani’s Pondicheri brought the concept home in 2012.Shown here, the chef's beet and barley salad
  • Craft beers are all the rage, nationally as well as locally featuring Houstonbrewers St. Arnolds, Karbach, Buffalo Bayou and Eatzie Boys 8th Wonder Brewery.
    Photo by Darla Guillen

  • Since everyone already wants stainless steel appliances, why not go for thatextreme industrial look? Many of these counters are created from recycled steel.
  • Granite is pretty, strong and heat resistant, and since it’s essentially a chunkof polished rock, every finished countertop will be one of a kind.
    Paramount Granite
  • Shown are samples of Elements by Durcon, offered through New Living. It'scomposed of Texas/Oklahoma quartz, recycled glass and resin — and it's extremelydurable.
    New Living/Facebook

  • Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba wanted to provide parents with safe,sustainable and affordable products.
    Photo courtesy of We're A Big Deal
  • Build your own nutrition bar at Elementbars.com.
    Element Bars/Facebook
  • Greenling delivers fresh local produce to your home.
    Photo courtesy of Greenling
  • YumUniverse has free gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free recipes.
  • Klutchclub is like the Birchbox of the health world.

  • Anastasia Lash Genius Clear Waterproof TopCoat, Sport + Store Water Bottle andHerban Essentials Towelettes.