• Stem cell treatments on pets is a relatively new procedure.
  • Veterinarian Dr. Mark Gasaway predicts stem cell research will lead to the endof longstanding perspectives on arthritis relief.
    Photo by Tyler Rudick
  • The $1,950 stem cell treatment, which takes only a day, is comparable to havingyour pet spayed or neutered.
    Medivet America

  • Jonathan, Jenna and Julia Cobb cut the ribbon in a ceremony on Thursday, whileArts in Medicine program director Ian Cion and circus clowns looked on.
    Photo by Whitney Radley
  • Several performers from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus joinedin on the celebration.
    Photo by Whitney Radley
  • Julia Cobb and her siblings selected the title for the mural: Light, Hope,Wonder.
    Photo by Whitney Radley
  • The colorful mural wraps around a gate near the front entrance of the M.D.Anderson Cancer Center.
    Photo by Whitney Radley

  • The San José clinic was founded in 1922 to bring coverage to the underservedcommunity.
  • Executive director Paule Anne Lewis hoped that Medicaid expansion in Texas wouldincrease coverage for the more than 1 million uninsured Houston-area citizens.

  • Matt Schaub says that the patients at Texas Children's Hospital West Campus havea positive outlook.
    Photo by Whitney Radley
  • Patient Delilah Melendez drew a picture for the Texans quarterback in theplayroom that he and his wife helped fund with a $108,000 donation last year.
    Photo by Whitney Radley
  • Michelle Riley-Brown, senior vice president of Texas Children's Hospital WestCampus (far left), and Dr. Charles Hankins, chief medical officer (far right),received the donation from Matt and Laurie Schaub.
    Photo by Whitney Radley

  • Dr. Paul Klotman, president of Baylor College of Medicine, believes that theAffordable Care Act will be good for the country.
  • For Houston, in particular, the legislation will be effective. More than 50percent of visits to Harris County Hospital District facilities, like Ben TaubGeneral Hospital, were made by uninsured patients in FY 2012.

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  • Simon Cruder, from left, Carly Castle and Dr. William Zoghbi
    Courtesy Photo
  • Zoghbi, right, received the flame from Simon Cruden of England.
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  • Dr. William Zoghbi was selected to carry the torch as a representative of theAmerican College of Cardiology.
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  • Dr. Ronald DePinho earns $1.4 million annually as president of M.D. Anderson.
    Facebook/Ronald DePinho
  • Want to go where the big bucks are? The Houston Business Journal points to theUniversity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and the University of TexasHealth Science Center.
    Photo courtesy of Emergency Dentists USA