Entrepreneur Video Series

Being an entrepreneur seems to be part of the city's DNA. Perhaps it stems from the wildcatter days, when prospectors staked their futures on the search for oil and, in the process, lost and won several fortunes in one lifetime. That spirit lives on in the thousands of entrepreneurs who work long hours with little sleep, often risking their life savings, a steady income and other life amenities to turn their bright ideas into reality. In this CultureMap special editorial series Profiles of Innovation, contributor Greg Scheinman and CultureMap staff writers capture the spirit of the men and women who make Houston an entrepreneur's dream.

Darla, City Acre, October 2012

A dollhouse of beer: New homey craft beer brewpub looks to shake up the drinks scene

By Darla Guillen - November 1st, 2012

To say that City Acre Brewing Co. treats its guests like family is an understatement. Arriving at the dollhouse-like Victorian-style homestead, I sat on the grass and chatted with friends as though we were in our own backyards. Off the beaten path ...

Define, Body & Mind, workout studio, fitness studio, gym, October 2012, owner Hank Richardson

Henry Richardson redefines Houston's health and wellness scene with DEFINE

By Greg Scheinman - October 7th, 2012

Aspiring entrepreneurs, pay attention, because here’s how it works. There are no shortcuts, no overnight successes. Case in point: Henry Richardson, creator of DEFINE Mind & Body. Born and raised in Houston, Richardson graduated from Memorial High School in 1998, where he ...