• Tatyana McFadden
    Photo by Joe Kusumoto
  • Will Groulx
    Photo by Joe Kusumoto
  • Kari Miller
    Photo by Frank Polich
  • Holloway
    Photo by Frank Polich
  • Becca Murray
    Photo by Joe Kusumoto

  • Bye, Britain! We already miss you.
    London 2012/Facebook
  • The American swimmers represent the best (Phelps, l) and worst (Lochte, secondto r) of what America had to offer at these games.
  • "Her Majesty thanks you for attending the 2012 Olympics and requests you pleaseexit the country in a swift fashion so that we may go back to business asusual."

  • Usain Bolt left no doubt in the last leg of the 4x100 meter.
    Photo by Byrn Lennon/Getty Images
  • No matter how much they were promoted, U.S. stars like Hope Solo, Ryan Lochteand Serena Williams could not live up to Usain Bolt's greatness.
    Photo by Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
  • Michael Phelps
  • Usain Bolt managed to blow away the other fastest man in the world — again. Evenin the shortest race, Bolt leaves no doubt.
    Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

  • Ryan Lochte is probably thinking of disgusting candy when he bites down on thatgold medal. No?
    Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images Sport
  • Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

  • Hotel Granduca's tea service and delightful finger foods
  • Hotel Granduca treating guests to afternoon tea
  • The "Texas Tea" option at the Four Seasons: Lobster salad slider, roast beefwith pickled onion slivers, quail egg toast with truffle and herbed goat cheesestuffed finger sandwiches
    Photo by Emile C. Browne
  • Ladies enjoying the afternoon tea at the Four Seasons
    Photo by Emile C. Browne
  • The tea room at St. Regis
  • Kiran's mixed berry tarts
    Photo by Debora Smail/RealityPhotography.net
  • Afternoon tea at Kiran's
    Photo by Debora Smail/RealityPhotography.net
  • An intimate setting for afternoon tea at St. Regis
  • The extensive tea selection at the Four Seasons
    Photo by Emile C. Browne

  • Opening ceremonies at 1896 Athens games
  • Team parallel bar event 1896
  • 1896rope climb
  • Tug of war 1904
  • An Olympian demonstrating the proper plunge for distance position

  • Douglas's journey to the Olympics, epitomizes hard work, persistence andsacrifice.
    Photo by Al Tielemans /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images
  • Following in a long list of Olympic winners, Gabby Douglas now graces the box ofKellogg's Corn Flakes.
    Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images for Kelloggs

  • On Saturday, Ryan Lochte posed his new gold medal donning a grill designed byPaul Wall specifically for the Olympics.
    Photo by Fabrice Cofferini/AFP/Getty Images
  • For the last 15 years, Wall has worked with Houston jeweler TV Johnny to createa line of custom grills.
  • A sampling of custom grills offered through Grills by Paul Wall . . . get yourstoday!
    Grills by Paul Wall

  • Varvara Lepchenko
    Photo by Keith Allison/Wiki
  • Varvara Lepchenko reunited with her mother, Larisa Lepchenko for the first timein four years in Austria in 2005.
    Courtesy Photo
  • Lepchenko has risen to No. 41 in the women's professional tennis rankings.
    Courtesy Photo

  • Pole dancers from across the world gathered in London last week for thefirst World Pole Sport Championship.
  • Organizers of the event hope to earn the sport of pole dancing a place among theOlympic's recognized events by 2016.
    International Pole Sports Federation/Facebook
  • Pole vaulting . . . the first legitimate pole sport?

  • Marlen Esparza
    Marlen Esparza/Facebook/Vogue
  • Jonathan Horton
  • Steven Lopez
  • Diana Lopez
  • Christina Loukas
  • Jason Richardson
    Photo by Erik van Leeuwen/Wiki

  • TheRoundtableAbroad.org
  • Allyson Felix
    Photo by Erik van Leeuwen/Wiki
  • Michael Phelps
    Photo by Kerim Okten
  • Ryan Lochte
  • Bryshon Nellum
    PRK/PR Photos

Let the Games begin

Five top reasons to tune into the London Olympics

  • Stella McCartney' uniforms for the team from Great Britain has also drawn somebars
  • Ralph Lauren designs for Team USA's opening ceremony attire have drawn flack forlooking too French and being made in China.
    Photo by Ralph Lauren
  • The outfits for the Italian team by Giorgio Armani are a bit austere.
  • Jamaican sprinter (and world's fastest man) Usain Bolt and hurdler ShevonStoddard in Jamaican Olympics team gear by Cedella Marley and Puma
    Photo by Mark Zilbert
  • Saul Craviotto of Spain tweeted this pic.
    Photo via Saul Craviotto/Twitter

  • Hope Solo, from left, Ryan Lochte and Serena Williams
    Photo by Annie Leibovitz/Vogue
  • Jonathan Horton
    Photo by Annie Leibovitz/Vogue