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Throughout the month of April leading up to the big day in May, CultureMap will get you set for making Cinco de Mayo 2014 truly memorable. (Because it falls on a Monday, partygoers are expected to celebrate the Cinco de Mayo holiday beginning Friday May 2 throughout the weekend and series sponsor Dos Equis is taking the opportunity to throw a Dos de Mayo party on May 2 at Little Woodrows in Midtown.)

We’ll divulge the holiday's secret history, survey the best margaritas in town, review the best movies to get you in the 5/5 mood, and let you in on the best parties. Through it all, we hope you’ll hold in your hearts the true spirit of the Battle of Puebla as you say “Screw you, France” while hoisting a beer and slamming down that shot of tequila. 

Mexico flag

A holiday for the underdog: Explore the secret history of Cinco de Mayo

By Tarra Gaines - April 1st, 2014

Americans love holidays, and we have to admire our own ability for turning a day of sacred or patriotic observance into a good excuse to shop or party or both. Cinco de Mayo is perhaps the latest holiday we’ve co-opted, and ...

Desperado movie scene with Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas

From rampaging mummies to Salma Hayek's global debut, 5 great movies to toast Cinco de Mayo

By Joe Leydon - April 14th, 2014

What should a cineaste select to see while celebrating Cinco de Mayo? As a lead-up to the big holiday, there are mucho options, to be sure, but here are five diversas peliculas that run the gamut from warm and fuzzy to fast ...