• Doctors use an imager to see where blood flow is weak. This image of an abnormalheart shows weakness in blue or black.
  • This is what a normal, healthy heart looks like.
  • The heart is enlarged in this image, showing a bypass graft, indicated by thesquiggly line.
  • This is what a heart with normal blood flow looks like.
  • This aorta shows evidence of a an aneurysm, a widening of the blood vessel. Thewhite line points to the aneurysm.
  • These images compare a normal abdominal aorta to an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

  • The new health care bill may not be quite the fix that people hope.
    File photo
  • Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is the largest non-profit system in Texaswith 20,000 employees.
    Courtesy photo
  • Dan Wolterman, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System CEO and president, has studiedthe health reform act.
  • Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center

  • Dr. Ron DePinho at a Town Hall meeting at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in June.
    Photo by F. Carter Smith
  • Dr. Ron DePinho, left, shakes hands with current M.D. Anderson Cancer Centerpresident Dr. John Mendelsohn
    Photo by F. Carter Smith
  • Dr. Ron DePinho
    Photo by F. Carter Smith

  • A post-op Vienna Giardi at a Los Angeles airport.
    Photo via Wet Paint
  • Erica Rose and her father, Dr. Franklin Rose
    Photo by Fulton Davenport: PWL Studio
  • The "old" Vienna Giardi on "The Batchelor Pad"

  • More and more, there's a need to think global with health care issues.
  • Dr. Navneet Kathuria is the chief performance improvement officer for BaylorCollege of Medicine’s Center for Globalization.
    Baylor College of Medicine
  • When you're loved one is sick, you don't care where the research came from. Justthat it's good.

  • Mark Wallace as served as Texas Children's Hospital president and CEO since1989.
  • Texas Children's newly-expanded Fiegin Center.
    Photo by Allen S. Kramer/Texas Children's Hospital
  • Texas Children's West Campus Registration Desk in the main lobby.
    Photo by Allen S. Kramer/Texas Children's Hospital
  • Texas Children's Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute.
    Photo by Paul Vincent Kuntz/Texas Children's Hospital
  • Texas Children's West Campus adds to the hospital empire.
    Photo by Allen S. Kramer/Texas Children's Hospital
  • The architectural rendering of the Pavilion for Women entrance drive.

  • Paul Klotman, right, and researcher in a laboratory at Baylor College ofMedicine.
  • Paul Klotman, president of Baylor College of Medicine

But less risk of heart disease

Study finds correlation between height and risk of cancer

  • This waiting area at the Martin Luther King Health Center of the Harris CountyHospital District is more technologically savvy than most hospitals in the U.S.
    Photo by Hall Puckett
  • Behold the look of technological advancement in patient care.
    Photo by Ralph Bivins
  • The Harris County Hospital District is breaking ground in more ways than one.
    Photo by John Everett
  • The Memorial Hermann Healthcare System is more than just a pretty face.

  • Plato's Cave at Methodist
  • Ear, nose and throat surgeons use Plato's cave technology frequently.
    Methodist Hospital
  • Doctors use Xbox controllers while looking inside a patient's body.
  • It also involves some of the same technology used in movies like "Avatar."
  • Plato's Cave layers real images onto each other, reconstructing the human body.
    Methodist Hospital
  • A Plato's Cave view of a lung.
    Methodist Hospital

  • Keagan Dysart with his father, Khris
  • MRI-guided laser surgery showing Keagan Dysart's brain in November 2010
  • Texas Children's Hospital
  • Dr. Daniel Curry, Texas Children’s director of pediatric surgical epilepsy andfunctional neurosurgery and assistant professor of neurological surgery atBaylor College of Medicine
    Photo by Sylvester Garza
  • Dr. Angus Wilfong, director of Texas Children’s comprehensive epilepsy programand associate professor of pediatrics and neurology at Baylor College ofMedicine
  • Keagan Dysart hosts a lemonade stand

  • Dr. Giuseppe Colasurdo, dean of The University of Texas Medical School atHouston, speaks during the Match Day ceremony at the school March 20, 2008.
    Photo by Dwight C. Andrews
  • Dr. James "Red" Duke shows the "Gig 'Em Aggies" sign as Dr. Giuseppe Colasurdo,dean of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, flashes the "Hook 'EmHorns" hand sign during the Medical School graduation ceremony May 31, 2008.
    Photo by Dwight C. Andrews