Summer Fun 2011

Summer used to be much simpler. Most schools let out on Memorial Day and started back after Labor Day, so the three-month holiday always spanned the months of June through August. But then schools moved up their calendar year; ending classes the first or second week in May and resuming in mid-August. That has taken some getting used to. Not everyone else has adjusted their calendars or their summer attitudes.

Here at CultureMap, we're out to change that mindset. Why wait until June? We think summer fun can begin right now.

During the month of May, we'll discuss ways to make summer in Houston more enjoyable. We'll look at ideas to stay cool, from air-conditioned museums (our favorite: Arctic Realities at the Menil) to the best picnic spots, offer a guide to the summer's hottest movies, books, concerts and cabaret theater (the new kid on the block is Music Box Theater), and the latest ideas on the perfect manicure, the perfect alternative to the classic Margarita and the perfect way for guys to survive the Houston heat in style. And how about getaways? Galveston, west Texas and New Orleans are on our mind.

Even our favorite corpse flower, Lois, on what she plans to do this summer. If you recall, she was the surprise hit of last summer.

Got other ideas? Tell us some of your favorite things to do in Houston in the summer and reveal your secrets to survival. Even though we love summer, we need all the help we can get.

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