Real Estate 2011

Ever since two New York speculators, the Allen brothers, founded Houston on a swamp in 1836 and marketed it as "a center of government and commerce" with an "abundance of excellent spring water and enjoying the sea breeze in all its freshness," the Bayou City has been a developer's dream. Our special series, Real Estate Confidential, looks at what's happening in the world of real estate in Houston today, where a mixed bag of statistics offers some sobering news along with hints of hope for the future.

The series includes practical tips (like things to know about title insurance and five things to do to prepare your home for sale), some new uses for old buildings, and a look at some of the most interesting homes on the market now. Also on tap: An examination of some of Houston's quirky protections, such as minimum lot size and some really big real estate bloopers as told by the experts.

News_Woodland Heights_historic district

"A great day for preservation": Three new historic districts approved in Houston

By Steven Thomson - June 29th, 2011

In an historic moment for historic preservation in Houston, City Council passed a resolution to designate three neighborhoods — Heights South, Woodland Heights and Glenbrook Valley — as the city's newest historic districts. After months of petitions, infighting and mudslinging, the areas' irreplaceable ...

News_Real Estate Confidential_3244 Huntingdon

A Parisian-style pied-a-terre right here in River Oaks offers oodles of European charm and appeal

By Shelby Hodge - June 29th, 2011

Editor's Note: Houston is loaded with must-have houses for sale in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Throughout the month of June, CultureMap Editor-at-Large Shelby Hodge snoops through some of our faves and gives you the lowdown on what's hot ...