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Fashion trend

The Big Bangs Theory: Bush and Obama unite for bipartisan hairstyle that crosses party lines

By Clifford Pugh

NEW YORK — Republicans and Democrats in Congress are at each other's throats. But at least there is bipartisan agreement in the country over one trend: Bangs. It seems like nearly eve ...

The Crazy Season

Cathouse hookers love Ron Paul, Rick Santorum's sweater vests catch on & Mitt is Mittens

By Whitney Radley

Some things have come from the race for the Republican presidential nomination that might have been better left unknown — like revelations of Herman Cain's promiscuity, Newt Gin ...

A Desperate Man?

Rick Perry, Christian warrior: Attacks gays in the military in attempt to inflame the culture wars for Iowa

By Sarah Rufca

Pity poor Rick Perry. He was supposed to be the candidate to unite the disparate Republican wings — Tea Partiers, fiscal conservatives and religious voters, all behind one shepherd with pheno ...

The Race for 2012

Perry? Gingrich? Herman Cain drops out, but who's getting his votes?

By Sarah Rufca

Well, this is interesting. It wasn't the ignorance of "Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan" that torpedoed Herman Cain's surprisingly popular run for the Republican presidential nominat ...

Or is it Cosmo Kramer?

Rick Perry channels Sarah Palin: Wildly-grinning, energy lover hounded by debate critics

By Sarah Rufca

When it comes to Rick Perry and debating, political pundits opined that a fourth strike could knock him out. So how did the Texas governor do in the Dartmouth economic roundtable Tuesday night? ...


Now's not the time for Obama to quit smoking: Puff away Mr. President

By Sarah Rufca

It's an old puzzle. Whom would you rather vote for: a womanizer, an alcoholic or a non-smoking, teetotaling vegetarian? Did you choose candidate number three? Congratulations, you just elec ...


Camille Grammer lays out some "sex on the beach" chances on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

By Joseph Campana, Theodore Bale

If you’re wondering how wealthy Americans might spend those hotly-debated tax cuts, just tune in to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. These ladies may not have been the Republicans' s ...

Easy As Can Be

"Watergate in reverse": Ed Emmett exalts in Republican romps

By Sarah Rufca

"My original plan was for my grandson to come in here and ask if he could still tell people I'm a judge," said Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, referencing his memorable campaign commer ...

An elephant, not a RINO

Politics may be dirty sexy, but Meghan McCain keeps her image clean

By Sarah Rufca

You know it's a slow news week when the release of a book cover — not a book, just the cover — makes the Internet rounds. That's the case with Meghan McCain's forthcomin ...

The cane attack of 1856

Mourning the death of civility in Washington — it's expiration date is older than you think

By Bill Van Rysdam

What has happened to civility? It seems that commodity is in very short supply these days. Both Republicans and Democrats have been fighting it out over the oil spill, immigration, the economy ...

14 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (14)   Places (0)
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