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Chefs Moving

Controversial chef plans new restaurant as TV reality star takes his place at Paleo palace

By Eric Sandler

Bruce Molzan's departure from Paleo restaurant Corner Table has brought new opportunities for both the former Ruggles Grill chef and reality TV star Ja'Nel Witt.  Confirming r ...

Foodie News

Failing Houston restaurant closes to revamp and reopen with a New Orleans celeb chef — and a new name

By Eric Sandler

After less than a year in business, Nosh Bistro has temporarily closed while owner Neera Patidar makes some changes to the decor and retools the concept. When it reopens on Tuesday, the r ...

Food for Thought

The best small plates in Houston: Restaurants that make tiny food dazzle in a big food world

By Marene Gustin

Here’s a food trend for 2013 that I can really endorse. Small plates, tiny foods. In Texas, the land of the 24-ounce rib eye, two-handed burgers, chicken fried steaks that slop over t ...

Boozy News

Where to drink right now: 10 hot, happy hour deals for December

By Marcy de Luna

Inside and outside of the 610 Loop you'll go. December’s happy hours deals span the city and offer specials sure to light up your holidays. La Griglia The deals plus the lively atmo ...

Foodie News

Where to eat right now: 10 hot must-try restaurants for December

By Ruthie Miller

December is here! Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here’s where you should eat right now in Houston.    The Pass Put on your fancy pants because the tasting-menu hal ...

First Taste

A Twin Peaks breastaurant counter: Upper Kirby finally gets girlie (and spicy) with new bistro

By Sarah Rufca

With both Twin Peaks and Hooters within a stone's throw of intersection of Kirby Drive and Highway 59, it's about time that Upper Kirby got a space designed for the fairer sex. Enter No ...

Foodie News

Come on, get higher: Elevation Burger heads to Houston to fight for gourmet fast food supremacy

By Sarah Rufca

Despite the name, Elevation Burger does not hail from Colorado or some other Rocky Mountain state — it's actually from Virginia, and it's heading to Houston. Elevation, which clai ...

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)

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