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Arian Foster's Monster Return

The NFL's best back: Arian Foster states his case with monster return, threatens to make Andrew Luck sweat

The NFL's best back: Arian Foster states his case with monster return

Arian Foster  Texans general
Arian Foster made the most of his return to the Houston Texans, battering the Tennessee Titans and staking a claim to being the best running back in the NFL. Photo by Michelle Watson/CultureMapSnap

Arian Foster is showing superior time management skills this season.

The Houston Texans offensive lifeline seizes every bit of time his body allows him to play, making the most of it. And then some.

Foster's latest return (from a two-plus game absence due to a groin injury) sees him rack up 48 yards and a touchdown on eight touches in the first quarter against Tennessee. No. 23 continues to show that when he plays no NFL running back is his superior. While some good NFL teams consider signing Ray Rice, the Texans boast one of the surest offensive weapons in football.

The 28-year-old Foster is a sure 100-plus yards whenever he hits the field. He appeared on his way to his seventh 100-plus yard game of the season (before a fall on a camera stand on the sideline put a big question into the equation), a feat he's recorded in every game this season he's played nearly a full game in. Still, Foster finishes the first half averaging 5.6 yards per rush on this Sunday. 

 When Foster is a passing game threat, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins becomes an even greater one. 

More importantly, his absence hasn't slowed down his increasingly role in the passing game. Foster racks up five catches in the game's first 25 minutes. And these aren't just bubble screens. Foster wheels out wide to snag a seven-yard touchdown in the left corner of the end zone, pushing Houston to a 14-0 lead just 10 minutes into the game.

When Foster is a passing game threat, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins becomes an even greater one.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick thrust back into the starting quarterback role, Foster is the ultimate "safe" go-to crutch. Foster makes Fitzpatrick better (though Hopkins nearly scraping two low throws off the ground and turning them into catches early means just as much). And the quarterback starts seven for seven. Before long, the Texans lead mushrooms to 17-0. By halftime, it's 24-0.

Suddenly, with the Texans playing at late-rallying 2-10 Jacksonville next, there's at least a chance that the AFC South division could get interesting. It all starts with Arian Foster, the best back in football when he's on the field.

Nothing new there.