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Monkeys in the trees!

A dream destination wedding: This Sakowitz-Kushner ceremony brought road wonders

Brittany Sakowitz and Kevin Kushner opted out of the "Houston chaos" for an intimate family wedding at the Four Seasons resort in Papagayo, Costa Rica. Two dozen immediate family members gathered during Thanksgiving at the beach resort.

"It was so special to spend a week with our families," Brittany emailed. "We played volleyball on the beach, zip-lined through the rain forest and took a catamaran to go snorkeling leading up to the wedding weekend."

The rehearsal dinner was held on the beach. The wedding on Nov. 25 took place on the Four Seasons lawn.

And so it began with mother-of-the-bride Laura Sweeney escorting her daughter to the suite to dress for the late afternoon wedding.

And the final touch — family members help the bride into her Manolo Blahnik pumps for the walk down the aisle.

The setting could not have been more beautiful with the lovely chuppah, white wedding chairs and a rose-petal strewn aisle.

The Four Seasons' Susan Flores coordinated this most memorable of weddings.

Robert Sakowitz turns his daughter over to the groom — the palm trees and rose petal pathway providing magical touches in this tropical setting.

The groom's father, David Kushner, conducted the traditional Jewish ceremony.

As Brittany explained, "Kevin's dad was the officiant — he met with the family's rabbi in New Orleans and conducted the Jewish ceremony in Costa Rica, since rabbis are pretty hard to come by there!"

The groom's mother, Carole Kushner, observed from a front-row seat.

The wedding was tradition perfect down to the breaking of the glass.

Brittany recalls, "There were monkeys in the trees watching the entire ceremony and you could hear the waves crashing, it was surreal." 

And so Mr. and Mrs. Kushner take their walk together down the aisle as the rose petals flutter. 

We've just never seen a happier, more obviously in-love couple than Kevin and Brittany.

Sitting beneath a glowing assemblage of  floating lanterns, the family celebrates at the wedding dinner.

The couple shares their first dance under the stars.

A few heatfelt words from the groom as the father-of-the-bride looks on.

A simple, if beautiful wedding cake adorned with gum paste gardenias.

This little tyke escaped from his party clothes to parade through the wedding dinner in his diapers. Clearly, it was a moment that left everyone laughing hysterically.

After dinner, the wedding party walked down to the beach where they lit "wish lanterns" that floated into the heavens, a Costa Rican tradition for good luck.

Back in Houston, the couple held a huge celebration in early December at Warehouse Live — the place where they met five years ago.