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A Montrose restaurant creates its own crazy music video, calls it "the stupidest thing" ever

A Montrose bar creates its own music video, calls it "the stupidest"

"Every restaurant needs a music video."

That, in essence, is the explanation Omar Afra provides for the video above, in which his band Delicious Milk presents a rewritten parody of the grunge classic "Hunger Strike." The video apes certain aspects of the original, and the lyrics pay tribute to Lowbrow, Afra's Montrose bar/restaurant.

Behold Afra in Chris Cornell wig taking the lead, with Lowbrow manager Tim Dorsey contributing a passable version of Eddie Vedder's signature growl.  Lowbrow chef Jason Kerr fills in on drums, and Afra's bandmate Omar Al-Bochi is the fourth member.

 "We went into the studio and recreated that song. This was a two month process." 

Yes, that's really Afra and Dorsey singing over the karaoke track.

"We went into the studio and recreated that song. This was a two month process," Afra tells CultureMap.

And why go to all the trouble? "Just for shits and giggles," he replies. 

While Afra acknowledges an obvious debt created by listening to "too much" Weird Al as a child, "Eat It" and "Like a Surgeon" aren't the primary influences. "The original song was a massive inspiration," he explains. "Just always sang that song when we talked about hummus, 'The hummus on the table.' "

Afra says he'd like to see other restaurants cover their own songs but declined to call anybody out ALS Ice Bucket Challenge style. Still, maybe the trend will catch on.

Any final thoughts?

"Is that the stupidest thing you have ever seen in your life?" Afra quips. 

Lowbrow Hunger Strike Omar Afra-3
Omar Afra does his best Chris Cornell impression.
Lowbrow Hunger Strike Omar Afra-2
Rocking out to a karaoke track.
Lowbrow Hunger Strike Omar Afra-3
Lowbrow Hunger Strike Omar Afra-2
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