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A bar classic, but better: Can you handle this new craft beer haven's giant, head-sized pretzel?

Mongoose Versus Cobra, giant pretzel, friend
A pretzel big enough to hide a person? You've found it. Courtesy Photo
Mongoose Versus Cobra, interior
Mongoose Versus Cobra Mongoose Versus Cobra/Facebook
Mongoose vs. Cobra, giant pretzel
Another look at the beauty. Photo by Sarah Rufca
Mongoose Versus Cobra, giant pretzel, friend
Mongoose Versus Cobra, interior
Mongoose vs. Cobra, giant pretzel

On our first trip to Mongoose versus Cobra my friend and I made the mistake of each ordering our own pretzel. I mean, we were starving and at $6 each it seemed like the right call.

But what arrived at our table were two enormous pastry monsters that, when held in front of our faces could completely obscure our heads. (Well, at least her head; I've never really shaken that whole "big Dallas hair" thing.)

 You know what's almost as good as pretzels with beer? Purse pretzel for breakfast. 

Co-owner Ian Rosenberg says the pretzels are part of the classic bier hall vibe of Mongoose versus Cobra and are meant to be enjoyed communally. But while it might take some fortitude (or a couple days) to finish one, you still might want to keep it all to yourself.

The pretzel bread is from Slow Dough Bread Co., which supplies hot dog buns to places like Moon Tower Inn and sells pretzel bread loaves in shops like Revival Market and Local Foods. But while the dense, yeasty and slightly sweet dough is always good, I've come to believe its best in the thick Mongoose pretzels, where it hits just the right ratio of tough edges to soft breading in the middle.

Mongoose versus Cobra also adds plenty of kosher salt and some pickled veggies as well as a thick smear of spicy housemade mustard to make this the perfect accompaniment to the bar's 30-something craft beers on tap.

As for me, even my hunger and two beers couldn't help put this pretzel away. You know what's almost as good as pretzels with beer? Purse pretzel for breakfast.

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