Hand Doc On Life Support

Notorious hand doctor on life support: Rushed to hospital from a Miami Beach party

Notorious hand doctor on life support: Rushed from Miami Beach party

Dr. Michael Brown hand surgeon in suit in courthouse hallway RUN FLAT
Michael Brown remains in a Miami Beach hospital after suffering an apparent heart attack. Photo courtesy of KHOU Houston/Channel 11

Infamous former hand doctor Michael Brown is in a Florida hospital, having suffered an apparent heart attack.

Documents filed with a federal bankruptcy court on Monday report only that the doctor is "incapacitated," offering few details on the 56-year-old's current condition. "The extent of the damage he has suffered is unknown," reads the notice. "[H]owever, it appears to be severe and, at this time, counsel has no ability to communicate with Dr. Brown."

Two separate sources tell KTRK Ch. 13 that Brown was at a party the night he was rushed to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. The sources say the doctor has been placed on life support. As a non-information patient, however, Brown status is unconfirmed.

 The sources say the doctor has been placed on life support.  

Brown's cardiac arrest occurred just hours before he was to scheduled to begin a 30-day federal prison sentence for strangling a British Airways flight attendant in January. After blaming the mid-air outburst on a combination of wine and sleeping pills the doctor eventually accepted a sentencing deal of a month behind bars and a two-year probation. In light of Brown's current condition, a federal judge has pushed the sentence start date to late November.

Meanwhile, the doctor's mighty Brown Hand Center is undergoing bankruptcy proceedings. All branches of the carpal tunnel empire, with the exception of the remaining Houston location, have closed due to lack of funds. The Wall Street Journal reports that the Houston branch is also expected to close it doors within days.

Brown — whose often outlandish antics have made him a fixture in local headlines — is also involved in a protracted, high-profile divorce case with his estranged wife Rachel Brown.