Houston New Arts Movement presents Lost Voices: Passion & Perseverance

Adam Vincent Clay
Adam Vincent Clay Photo by Michael Stratigakis

This event will be a special encore performance of the first concert in the Reflections season, “Lost Voices: Passion and Perseverance.”

In a recreation of its debut performance in Houston, guests will hear music from composers who labored under, and were affected by, the reign of Stalin in Russia. Under Russia’s Zhdanov doctrine, art and culture were policed heavily, causing some composers to flee for America, and others to fight to survive in their homeland. Many of these works were lost for a time, and were recovered recently. These composers, despite government oppression, found their unique voices

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3.10.17 | 7:00 pm


The Houston Piano Company
1600 W. 13th St.
Houston, TX 77008


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