Fort Bend County Libraries presents Ancient Civilizations: Mesopotamia & Ancient Persia

Sheba Akthar
Sheba Akthar Photo by Sheba Akthar

Fort Bend County Libraries’ Sugar Land Branch Library will present an educational series focusing on "Ancient Civilizations." In this first program, former art and architecture history professor Sheba Akhtar will talk about how Mesopotamia became known as the “Cradle of Civilization” through its religion, writing, cities, art, and architecture.

Guests will learn about the emergence of agriculture in the “fertile crescent” and discover how Ancient Persia was shaped by events such as the Babylonians’ destruction of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, the Persian Emperor Cyrus’s conquest of Babylon and reconstruction of the Jewish temple, and Alexander’s defeat of Persia and the burning of the Persian capital, Persepolis.

Event Details


1.26.19 | 2:00 pm


Fort Bend County Libraries - Sugar Land Branch
550 Eldridge Rd.
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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Admission is free.