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During her youth, Layne Victoria Lynch cultivated a deep appreciation for delicious Southern fare while cooking alongside her mother, Mary, and grandmothers, Carol and Margie. An honors graduate of the School of Journalism at The University of Texas at Austin, Layne now works as a food writer in Austin and Houston. For the past five years, Layne's writings have mainly focused on the three things that fascinate her most: passionate chefs, innovative restaurants and up-and-coming culinary trends. Although she loves to eat at places like Uchiko and Foreign & Domestic, her favorite place to dine is at home with her friends and family. Layne has written stories online or in print for publications like Texas Monthly, Food Network Magazine, CultureMap Austin, Edible Austin, the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Monthly and Eater Austin. If she isn't writing or blogging about her culinary adventures or musings, Layne is probably hiking around the Green Belt or hanging out with her two sweet Labradors, Bonnie and Lucky.

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Work It

Popular Houston fitness studio expands to Austin with core truths for body and mind

By Layne Lynch

A wildly popular workout studio is planting roots in Austin. Define Body & Mind, a Houston-based fitness center, just opened its first location in the capital city. "We’ve been looking ...

Holiday Gift Guide

Houston-inspired Gift Guide: Great last-minute presents that evoke the Bayou City spirit

By Layne Lynch

 When you're giving to a proud Houstonian, the gift ideas are near limitless! Find the perfect gift on our Houston-inspired gift guide.

Holiday Gift Guide

Organic Holiday Gift Guide: Perfect presents for your friend or loved one who lives an all natural lifestyle

By Layne Lynch

Oftentimes, it's hard to find the perfect gift for a friend or family member who lives an all natural lifestyle. But you'll find lots of great gift ideas ...

Oprah's Still Got It

Oprah's weekend wasn't a life changer, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience

By Layne Lynch

After owning the stage Friday evening at the Toyota Center, Oprah Winfrey returned Saturday morning to continue her Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend in Houston, and it was ...

Inside Oprah's Houston Night

Inside Oprah's Houston night: Five secrets she shared, from a Stedman screw up to truffle hunting

By Layne Lynch

Nobody commands a stadium like Oprah Winfrey. Statuesque and poised with her ever-infectious confidence and warmth, Oprah greeted the Houston audience in  a floor length vibrant yellow gown at the ...

Oprah Hits Houston

Oprah Winfrey brings her celebrity caravan to Houston: And the mania's going to take over an entire stadium

By Layne Lynch

If you're a fan of free cars, favorite things and overzealous celebrities jumping on sofas, listen up: Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential and wealthiest women in the ...

Great Gone With The Wind Exhibit

Everything about the making of Gone With The Wind — even that green gown — is showcased in new exhibit

By Layne Lynch

An endless number of details define the film Gone with The Wind: the jaw-dropping emerald curtain dress, Mammy's sinfully red petticoat, the sun violently setting in the sprawling verdant ...

JLaw's Best Moments

Star of the Year: Why everyone loves Hollywood's must-watch actress

By Layne Lynch

As the year comes to a close, CultureMap has taken time to reflect on the best moments of 2013. Some of the most outstanding, surely, belong to Jennifer Lawrence, who ...

Houston Coffee Wars

Coffee wars heat up: Beloved barista tries to prove that Houston's the coffee champion

By Layne Lynch

Blacksmith owner-barista David Buehrer is in Minneapolis this weekend to compete alongside 35 others in the Central Regional Barista Competition. The prestigious beverage competition is put on by the Specialty ...

DIY Hub in H-Town

The maker revolution hits Houston: A warehouse is set to be turned into a hub for DIY craftsmen

By Layne Lynch

The maker movement has gone viral across the nation in creative, DIY hubs like 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, Artisan's Asylum in Boston and ADX in Portland, and Houston is ...

Sarcastic Pop-Up Dinner

A sarcastic pop-up dinner: Houston chef shakes it up at a popular coffee shop

By Layne Lynch

Sunday is a big night for Houston foodies. At 5 p.m., Blacksmith is featuring a pop-up dinner by guest chef Michael Gaspard of Pappas, along with Brandon Silva and ...

Modern Dating

New online dating service relies on threesomes: Bringing friends wards off Catfishing

By Layne Lynch

Those who dread the anxieties of blind dates, and scouting the bar for potential mates can relax. A new matchmaking service takes the pressure off the modern dating ...

Houston's Best Coffee

Houston's best coffee trend: These top coffee shops turn the caffeine fix into art

By Layne Lynch

Unlike most mainstream coffee hubs where a latte is nothing more than a caffeinated, overtly sweet beverage, a handful of crafty baristas are turning shots of specialty espresso and frothed ...

Beauty buys

Cosmetic craze: Five pop culture-inspired beauty collections worth adding to your makeup bag

By Layne Lynch

I am what you might call an easy-to-target consumer. If you gloss a pair or flats or platforms with glitter, I'll wear them like it's New Year's ...

Standing Tall

In the pink: Wendy Davis filibuster sneakers are a big hit

By Layne Lynch

Unless you've been living under a rock the past few days, you've heard about Democratic Senator Wendy Davis' historic filibuster that took place at the Texas Capitol on ...

Special Summer Dishes

Houston's best restaurants for summer: Bringing the wow to light and wild dining

By Layne Lynch

As the temperatures rise, Houstonians are taking to backyard burgers, cool ceviches, frosty cocktails and al fresco dining to make it through the blistering hot summer season. Lucky for us ...

Houston to Austin

Liberty Kitchen owners weigh in on expansion and that continuing Alison Cook food feud

By Layne Lynch

One of Houston's most popular oyster bars and seafood restaurants, Liberty Kitchen Oyster Bar, is opening an Austin location in early 2014. Just a stone's throw away from ...

Spring Style

Passion for fashion: 10 must-try trends to spring you — and your closet — into this season

By Layne Lynch

The sun is shining, Easter candy is in stores and winter coats are coming off. Spring is here, folks, and it's time to upgrade, revise and revolutionize your wardrobe ...

Second in Command

The hottest sous chefs in Houston: These overlooked standouts will be starring at restaurants soon

By Layne Lynch

Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of fine-dining kitchens, sous chefs often spend their days brainstorming new menu specials, ordering local produce and meats, managing numerous line cooks, and ...

Spread the love

Go nuts: It's National Peanut Butter Day and here are the 5 most delicious ways to celebrate

By Layne Lynch

Smooth, chunky, natural, swirled with jelly. No matter how you prefer your peanut butter, there's no denying this nutty concoction is a timeless American food. In fact, children and ...

All articles by this author.  24 Results. Showing 1 to 20
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