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Hometown Shame

Houston passes New York as the road rage capital of America: We're now crazier than Gotham

By Heather Staible

When it comes to good driving manners, Houstonians have left their Southern upbringing in the dust. AutoVantage, a car and roadside assistance service, ranks Houston drivers as having the worst ...

Houston's Hit-and-Run Shame

Horrific hit-and-run shames Houston: 14-year-old run over repeatedly — and not a single driver stops

By Tyler Rudick

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office are searching for multiple drivers involved in the nightmarish hit-and-run death of a teenaged girl in northwest Houston. Fourteen ...

Pix of the Day

Killer fog: Striking images from the dense gloom that crippled Houston and triggered traffic madness

By Barbara Kuntz

Fog in Houston doesn't come in on "little cat feet," as poet Carl Sandburg most beautifully described this mysterious cloud. Rather, it pounced on the city this Monday morning, ca ...

Pix of the Day

A car smashes into Hermann Park's kids mini train: Yes, Houston's car train crash problem is growing

By Eric Sandler

The Hermann Park railroad cuts across all demographics. In our car obsessed city where the merits of light rail are vigorously debated, it's the one train that every seems to like. Whi ...

Rules Of The Road

Left lane driving crackdown heats up: Police target drivers who are dawdling and not passing

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Like hogging the left lane? You might be in for a surprise ticket. Houston area law enforcement officers are starting a targeted crackdown on people who drive illegally in the left lane startin ...

Police Chief Punished

Houston police chief sent to driving school, suspended for hitting a pedestrian in crosswalk

By Tyler Rudick

Houston police chief Charles McClelland is accepting a one-day suspension from Mayor Annise Parker for striking a pedestrian with his car earlier this month. The department's highest- ...

Billionaire Controversy

Billionaire under house arrest allowed to visit Houston on a private jet for a reunion with mom

By Tyler Rudick

With his drunk driving manslaughter retrial officially set to begin in early 2014, Houston-raised billionaire John Goodman has been permitted by a Palm Beach County judge to visit his ailing mother ...

A Real-Life Villain

Most heartless hit-and-run driver ever? Creep runs over man — and goes back to steal his cellphone

By Tyler Rudick

Crime Stoppers of Houston is looking for the driver of a pickup who plowed into a man in Spring Branch . . . and then snatched the victim's cellphone to prevent the sev ...

Tragic Loss

Another fatal car crash rocks Texas A&M: Dead player tweeted about driving on no sleep

By Tyler Rudick

Aggies are mourning the loss of an Texas A&M football player and student, whose life was tragically cut short Monday night in a car crash in the New Mexico desert. Redshirt freshm ...

A Tragic Decision

Dead daredevil: Motorcycle wheelie turns into a fatal crash on Houston's streets

By Marika Rafte

A local motorcyclist’s wheelie turned into a fatal accident. The incident took place around 8 p.m. Sunday night in the 4900 block of Reed Road. A white Acura was traveling southb ...

36 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (36)   Places (0)

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