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Las películas españolas

Houston premiere of The Great Vázquez kicks off Festival of New Spanish Cinema

By Joe Leydon

Houston cineastes will again have the opportunity to savor a sampling of contemporary Spanish films when the touring Festival of New Spanish Cinema returns Friday for a two-weekend run at the Rice ...

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: Half of Oscar

Rice Cinema

An exploration of family taboos, this quiet and austere third feature from Martín Cuenca delves into the deepest regions of the human soul. The windswept beaches and mountains of Almeria are

Festival of New Spanish Cinema:Lovestorming

Rice Cinema

Oscar-nominated Borja Cobeaga directs this Spanish box-office hit, a fast-paced, side-splitting comedy starring Unax Ugalde in the Spanish take on The Hangover. Having broken up with his girlfr

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: Who Can Kill a Child

Rice Cinema

Once available only on poor VHS copies circulated among aficionados, this legendary, taboo-breaking horror classic's disturbing imagery helped keep it out of easy public viewing. It's a Hit

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: With or Without Love

Rice Cinema

This technically polished, fast-moving screwball musical comedy is the third feature by director and screenwriter David Serrano. Beautiful married superbitch Claudia has been dumped by her love

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: Bicycle, Spoon, Apple

Rice Cinema

As both the former mayor of Barcelona and the former president of Catalonia, Pasqual Maragall has been a popular leader for the people of Spain. In 2007, this charismatic public figure was diagnose

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: Lope

Rice Cinema

Lope tells the story of the life and loves of immortal dramatist and incorrigible adventurer Lope de Vega y Carpio, a contemporary of Don Quixote's author, Miguel de Cervantes, and a bright sta

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: Every Song is About Me

Rice Cinema

A romantic comedy inspired by the aesthetics of the French New Wave, Every Song Is About Me is the most acclaimed debut film of the year. It follows the story of Ramiro, an immature, 30-something w

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: Kidnapped

Rice Cinema

Kidnapped is a terrifyingly realistic thriller about a family held hostage in their own home by a group of unknown criminals. Best Horror Feature winner at Austin's Fantastic Fest in 2010, Migu

Festival of New Spanish Cinema: 80 Days

Rice Cinema

From Basque directors Jon Garaño and José Mari Goenaga comes this story of illicit desire, handled with warmth, delicacy and humor. This sensitive and unusual love story asks one time

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Refine By:   Events (10)   Lists (0)   News (1)   Places (0)

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