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The Week in TV

TV worth watching: House of Cards marks Netflix series debut and a revamped Smash returns

By Aleksander Chan, Katie Stroh

In our weekly roundup of what's worth seeing (and what isn't), Broadway musicals, zombies and a beloved comedy returns. Also, we attempt to binge on Netflix's first original series. ...

Remote controls

Justified viewing: Six new — and returning — TV shows worth watching this winter

By Mikela Floyd

January is a tricky time for TV. We’re suffering through the mid-season hiatuses of our primetime favorites, yet many cable offerings return in the new year, and 2013 already boasts a slew of ...

finding a stronger "Voice"

Will the record-breaking promotion of Smash turn 2012 into NBC's rebound year?

By Minh Vu

NBC was once home to “Must-See TV” — a tagline designed to showcase the network’s unbeatable combination of comedies and dramas that included shows like The Cosby Show, Chee ...


Community writers Annie Mebane & Steve Basilone on their musical Christmas episode and making the most of hiatus

By Minh Vu

Ever since news broke that critically acclaimed comedy Community wouldn’t appear on NBC’s midseason schedule next year, dedicated fans and television critics far and wide rall ...

Sitcoms Make A Comeback

The golden age of comedy: Six sitcoms you should be watching (but aren't)

By Minh Vu

Television is finally getting funny again. Hits like Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory enjoy viewers across the country, while critically acclaimed shows like Community and Parks and Recreation ...

Fall Lineup

Dino-myte! Terra Nova premieres Monday night — one of 10 new TV shows you don't want to miss

By Minh Vu

The fall television season has kicked off and for TV aficionados like myself, this means deciding which shows will make the cut and which ones won’t. To help you make your game plan, I’ ...

Weather Deep

Don't diss Don! Sure the tropical storm turned into a dud, but check out the Dons who do us proud

By Sarah Byerley

Tropical Storm Don is on his way, but he isn't exactly getting the respect that he deserves. Some people are whining about how Don just isn't a good hurricane name. It's not strong ...

Who is Childish Gambino?

Don't call him a comic: Community's Donald Glover shows his talents as a rapper on Culdesac

By Wilbert Chinchilla

As a writer on 30 Rock, co-star of Community, part of the Derrick Comedy improv troupe, stand-up comedian, and rapper, Donald Glover is a true renaissance man. He's probably least known as ...

8 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)