Debate over Jewish team being forced to forfeit or play on the Sabbath intensifies

Robert M. Beren Academy's dream season is being derailed by the refusal to move its state basketball semifinal game from Friday night during the Sabbath, when the Orthodox Jewish day school cannot play. It looks like Beren will be forced to forfeit to stick to its religious beliefs.

Should the game be moved to respect the Orthdox Jewish beliefs or is the schedule the schedule?

The votes are in. See who won!
Move the Games

Showing tolerance toward another's religion should be a hallmark of any good education. The organization that's denying Beren's appeal to move the games (TAPPS) already has rules that prohibit any games from being played on Sundays, the Christian day of worship that the overwhelming majority of its membership observes.

It's small minded and hypocrtical to not move the games for a Jewish school. 

The Schedule Is the Schedule

When Beren voluntarily joined TAPPs, it was informed state tournament games would be played Fridays and Saturdays during the Sabbath. To complain about it now after the fact is disingenuous.

The schedule is the schedule. If you change it for one school, there is the danger of having to change it again and again.