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march 5

Links we love today: New trailers! New tech sites! New podcasts! New web series!

Here are the links we loved today:

The most exciting news of the day is obviously the release of the new Men in Black III trailer, so let’s get right to it:

Today = podcast Christmas: Comedy Bang Bang with guests Paul F. Tompkins, Greg Proops and James Adomian; WTF with Marc Maron featuring Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally; It’s That Episode with Julie Klausner.

Buzzfeed launches new tech vertical FWD.

Texans have given more money to Stephen Colbert’s Super PAC than Romney’s.

CNN profiles writer Jonathan Safran Foer ("You write to please yourself, you write to move yourself, to engage yourself in the asking of questions that are important to you.")

Unsurprisingly, Putin wins another six-year term in yesterday’s Russian Presidential election.

Surprisingly, Jon Hamm becomes even more endearing in this letter to Deadspin wherein he reveals his Roger Clemens love, and his past as a commenter on the sports site.

Dunkin’ Donuts knows what China likes (pork and LeBron James, natch).

The Wall Street Journal profiles the ‘car of the future.’

What’s hot: puttering, reminiscing about child labor, Abel Arnett.

Preview Doug Stanhope’s new album, Before Turning the Gun on Himself, out tomorrow.

The trailer for Loiter Squad, the Odd Future Adult Swim show, reminds me that the world is a wonderful, magical place:

Today, Yahoo debuts two new web comedy series: weekly scene spotlight Sketchy and Funny or Die Presents: First Dates With Toby Harris, starring Seth Morris:

Louis CK, Twitter-hater:

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