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feb. 24

Links we love today: The Oscars approach, a hip hop mix, real-life Ron Swanson and more

Here are the links we loved today:

The Times debates: Why don’t comedies win Oscars? Nick Kroll’s Oscar picks; Here’s who will present what category at the ceremony; 9 Oscar-themed hot dogs.

Maude Apatow interviews Paul Rudd; Tennis performs live on The Current.

Online board game night: The Internet edition of Risk.

20 ‘shameful’ single-people behaviors (like, “Eating straight out of the fridge or in bed with the laptop” — I’m not going to be embarrassed about that one, though.)

Jonathan Meiburg of Austin band Shearwater talks books with Vol. 1 Brooklyn; Chip Kidd talks book cover design with the Dallas Voice.

Leah Manners of KOOP’s Hip Hop Hooray has compiled a mix for Side One Track One.

Shocker: Some mental health experts are turning to Facebook to identify depression in teens.

A history of the tiny horse! A real-life Ron Swanson!

How to draw cat people; Famous art recreated with packing tape.

“Lonely deaths” are on the rise in Japan.

Photos from Tehran, 60s-style.

The A.V. Club explains why it’s important for bands to stop sucking on SNL; Larry David remembers the time he quit SNL.

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