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Houston's once-mocked mass shooting defense video adopted by other states: A grant well spent?

Run Hide Fight_City of Houston PSA_shooting
Alabama's Department of Homeland Security has adapted the Houston-produced  "RUN. HIDE. FIGHT." video for wider use.  Courtesy of Run Hide Fight
Run Hide Fight_City of Houston PSA_shooting
The video demonstrates proper reaction to an active shooter event — like arming oneself with everyday objects.  Courtesy of Run Hide Fight

In the wake of the movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colo., the City of Houston released a garish-bordering-on-comical PSA video to teach residents the strategy to "RUN. HIDE. FIGHT." in the event of a mass shooting. 

In recent months, other cities and states have seen the value in the lesson: Alabama's Department of Homeland Security recently adapted the video to fit its needs, adding a short message from department director Spencer Collier and turning it around for less than $5,000 just after the Sandy Hook Elementary atrocity that shook the nation.

 "What we hope is that it gives individuals an opportunity to think about what they would do in the situation," Miller says. 

"We produced [the video] for citizens in the Houston region," Jackie Miller, community preparedness programs coordinator for the Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security, tells CultureMap. "We had never really planned on it going further than that." 

The city received a Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant from the federal government to produce and cast the short video, so while Houston can't profit from further distribution of the film, other government entities have permission to use it without alteration. 

"What we hope is that it gives individuals an opportunity to think about what they would do in the situation," Miller says.

Watch above to brush up on your preparedness. 

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