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The Mommy Stylist

Hot shoes for the winter: Stylish and sexy looks to make the most of the season

By Kristin Hull

Cold-weather shoes often leave something to be desired, style-wise, but we found more than a few pairs to get you through those mild Texas winters feeling fashionable and fabulous. ...

Beauty Basics

Chill Out: 3 products to protect your pretty in cooler temps

By Megan Runser

It sure is easy to get into the holiday spirit when 80 degree temps continue to linger, right? Wrong. Luckily today brings significantly cooler weather, so hurriedly unpack your sweaters and co ...

Snow Day at the Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo

The lawn next to the Houston Zoo's okapi habitat will be blanketed with 15,000 pounds of snow. From 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Zoo guests can play, build snowmen and win cool prizes. Enjoy a special

Hometown Pride?

Winter weigh-in: Houston gets fatter, but not as fat as Dallas

By Steven Thomson

Catch yourself clinging to a hot kolache morning after morning the past few months? You're not alone among Houstonians, whose hometown "won" the rank of No. 16 among a Daily Beast lis ...

Steer into the skid

CultureMap Cold Weather Quiz: How prepared are you?

By Caroline Gallay

After spending four years in Missouri, which was blanketed in 18 inches of snow in some areas this week while we whine about 30-degree days, it's been almost comical to watch the city-wide ...

Not just Ugg-ly

Step away from the boots: Uggs pose a health risk, not just a fashion one

By Jennifer Patterson

As the weather dips into the 30s some nights, many Houstonians sport Uggs to fight the cold.  The unsightly footwear is more than an assault on the eyes though: Sheepskin boots are a breed ...

Tempting Twitter

It's winter, it's not cold outside, and Houstonians are irate

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

Hooray for the first day of winter! Called by its given name, the winter solstice marks both the shortest day and longest night of the entire calendar year. Does that sound enticing? It is! Aft ...

It's either this or South America

With fall fashions still wilting in the heat, it's time for Houston women to embrace leotards

By Jennifer Patterson

Although it’s nearly the end of October and full-fledged fall in cooler cities, our swamp stays steamy. Temperatures are in the high 80s this afternoon and it's expected to reach 91 Wedne ...

Baby, it's cold outside

Another sign that Houston has frozen over

By Caroline Gallay

More signs of the chilling weather are coming in. A reader submitted this photo of a frozen fountain at Uptown Park that has been making the Twitter and Facebook rounds today. Have any icy imag ...

9 Results. Showing to
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