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No one voted in

Craig Biggio comes up 39 votes short of the Hall of Fame: Why he's out for now

By Chris Baldwin

Craig Biggio will have to wait. The great Houston Astro is not a first-ballot Baseball Hall of Famer. Biggio came up 39 votes short of the total he needed, collecting 68 percent of the vot ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Government waste: A crying Roger Clemens makes his baseball peers yawn with utter disinterest

By Chris Baldwin

As Roger Clemens steps up to a microphone on the steps of a Washington D.C. courthouse, the Houston Astros clubhouse doesn't stir. Not a single player moves to put himself in front of the TV to ...

Snooze-fest is over

Roger Clemens found not guilty on all counts in perjury trial

By Whitney Radley

The snooze-fest has ended in Roger Clemens' favor: On Monday, a Washington, D.C. jury found the baseball great not guilty on all counts in a trial that lasted more than eight weeks and was mark ...

Move over Cheerleader Mom

Full-time high school teacher/part-time steroids dealer: Say hello to Texas' latest wild, true crime case

By Whitney Radley

I had some suspicions about my high school science teacher covertly slipping Kahlua into his coffee cup, but I can't imagine him — or any other — serving as a drug dealer on the sec ...

Rusty loses one

Roger Clemens' defense team whiffs: Judge orders a new perjury trial for Mr. Cy Young

By Chris Baldwin

Roger Clemens' latest winning streak — arguably the most important one of his life — came to an end Friday afternoon in a Washington D.C. courtroom when a federal judge threw out th ...

Pettitte the key

Government strikes out against Roger Clemens: Mistrial declared in steroids perjury trial

By Chris Baldwin

Add another strikeout victim to Roger Clemens' career tally: The U.S. Government. The judge just declared a mistrial in the perjury case against the polarizing baseball icon and will hear a ...

Bags deserves 1st ballot Call

Jeff Bagwell isn't McGwire: Hall punishing 'Stro for steroids era stings of injustice

By Jeremy C. Little

Yes, Jeff Bagwell and his weird, Russian kick-dance batting stance are headed for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The only question is, “when?” The votes have already been cast, ...

The rocket in court

Double play: Roger Clemens pleads not guilty, heads off to golf

By Sarah Rufca

Roger Clemens was polite but resolute when asked for his plea by U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton in federal court this afternoon. "Not guilty, your honor," Clemens said. With t ...

Pointless moral posturing

Revote for nothing: Suspended Texans linebacker Brian Cushing keeps his award

By Chris Baldwin

Brian Cushing is still the Defensive Rookie of the Year — and still suspended for four games for testing positive for a banned performance enhancing drug favored by steroids users. So muc ...

Football's fertility issues

Brian Cushing exposed as a Manny Ramirez-level cheat, but he deserves his awards

By Chris Baldwin

As on-field sports frauds goes, Brian Cushing belongs in the same pantheon as Mark McGwire. One day after the Houston Texans-suspended linebacker claimed that his positive test for performance enha ...

11 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)