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Medley Incorporated hosts "Brain Candy for Biz: Social Media for Branding, PR and Beyond"

"Brain Candy for Biz: Social Media for Branding, PR and Beyond" is an interactive workshop jam-packed with useful web-based goodies to help new and established business owners, public fig

Black Sheep Shin-Dig at The Pastry War "#BAHrracho"

The renegades behind Black Sheep Agency host another of the company's infamous shing-digs, a gathering of creatives that connects movers and shakers in this crazy city we call Houston. Eat

Sneaky Web Surfers

Parent alert: Your teen is a master of digital deception, online sex a hot topic, survey says

By Claire St. Amant

If you've had a talk with your children about the dangers of the Internet, you probably felt like they were listening. A new McAfee survey says otherwise. The Internet security company found th ...

Dominique's New Hair

TV anchor Dominique Sachse's new hair is the talk of the town: Say hello to Houston's Jennifer Aniston?

By Desiree Alvarez

Social media is abuzz over the new long locks that KPRC Channel 2 news anchor Dominique Sachse's is sporting. No more shoulder-length curls for this popular news anchor. It& ...

Houston Design Center Talk

Hometown girl turned celeb tastemaker Ronda Rice Carman lets you inside her drawers

By Joel Luks

To know the Rice folks is to have an extended family. You're instantly adopted — and you don't have a choice or say in the matter (if you know what's good for you). That's ...

Let Me Sum Up

Horrific explosion in West, Texas, is magnified by good — and bad — use of social media

By Eric Celeste

It’s astonishing how much there is to sum up this morning, and how awful the lead story is. If you live outside of Texas, you may not know how iconic the small town of West is. Everyone h ...

Excellent Use of Photoshop

Star Wars characters and lesbian Lady Liberty star in gay marriage logo remixes

By Claire St. Amant

If you've been living under an Internet-less rock this week, you might not know that the Supreme Court is hearing arguments about gay marriage. There have been large crowds of supporters in D.C ...


Pets, babies & breaking news: Buzzfeed's boss explains difference between Google and Facebook

By Caitlin M. Ryan

Buzzfeed is a site mostly known for its comical content and clever listicles, but its success is no laughing matter. Under the leadership of Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed has transcended purely social co ...

Inside look at C-section

A bloody good time: Women's Memorial Hermann Hospital broadcasts first surgical birth

By Joel Luks

Dr. Anne Gonzalez, Dr. Sherri Levin and Dr. Amelie Chu aren't characters in the latest fictionalized reality television fad. In an alternate universe where actors act and real people do rea ...

Living It Up

Johnny Manziel's wild party pics make waves, but Heisman winner insists he's still a small town guy

By Whitney Radley

To say that Johnny Manziel has had an impressive year would be an understatement. Beginning the 2012 season — Texas A&M University's first in the SEC — as a redshirt freshm ...

53 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (7)   Lists (0)   News (46)   Places (0)

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