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Astrodome Broken Into

Three guys with beers break into abandoned Astrodome, run completely wild and set the Internet on fire

By Nikki Ndukwe

Three men gave the Internet a free photo tour of the Astrodome in an Imgur post that has taken the Internet by storm. As the post details, the men reportedly broke into the Astrodome in 2012 an ...

Tight Jeans And Kisses

Tight jeans and kisses: Luke Bryan wraps up the Rodeo with enthusiastic performance

By Jayme Lamm

In the words of Luke Bryan, "You can kiss tomorrow goodbye" because RodeoHouston 2015 wrapped up Sunday night and the singer-songwriter closed it out in a big way, leaving fans ...

Tattered Jeans

Rodeo highlight: Future Farmers uphold the spirit of what makes America great

By Katie Oxford

Being the youngest of four, I was tolerated as the tag along. But my brother, Kit, was kind. When we were toddlers, Kit used to kiss me like Bugs Bunny kissed Elmer Fudd. When we got a little o ...

Blake Shelton Kills At Rodeo

"Nervous as crap" Blake Shelton flashes that killer smile, and Rodeo crowd roars

By Anna Domning

“I hope it’s OK with y’all if I drink while I work,” Blake Shelton declared to a Thursday night sold-out Houston Rodeo crowd of 75,016, just shy of teenybopper sen ...

The Next Country Star

The next country superstar? 19-year-old hits high notes with Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson and Texans

By Jayme Lamm

You may have noticed that NRG Park has been filled to the ten-gallon hat brim with RodeoHouston everything. From star-studded concerts by firecrackers like Miranda Lambert, John Legend and Tim ...

Country Music's Simple Hunk

A Simple Hunk: Billy Currington shows being a country music star needn't be complicated at Houston Rodeo

By Jayme Lamm

Judging by the smile on my face, Billy Currington sure must have been doing something right Saturday night.  A few hours before his Houston Rodeo performance, Currington posted an art ...

Pitbull's Dirty Rodeo Night

Pitbull's dirty night at the Rodeo: Stripping dancers, plenty of tongue and the world's largest VIP party

By Tarra Gaines

Here’s a true life lesson from the 2015 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: It’s a Pitbull world party and we’re just guests at it. This year’s rodeo has already given us ...

Major Rodeo Concert Surprise

Faith Hill drama? Tim McGraw brings a surprise woman to the Houston Rodeo — and flashes some skin

By Jayme Lamm

For us regular folk, being two places at once just isn't possible. But for the recent Oscar performer Tim McGraw, it is easy as cake. Or at least fried Oreos. McGraw took the Houston Rodeo ...

Legend Embarrasses H-Town

Sexy cool John Legend embarrasses Houston at Rodeo: Undressed fools exposed, treated to old school class

By Tarra Gaines

Oh. My. God, Houston. I am soooo embarrassed. Multi-Grammy, and now Oscar award winner John Legend came to the Rodeo to sing to us Friday night, and all 69,500 of us were completely underdressed. ...

Grossest Rodeo Food

Houston Rodeo foodie award winners revealed: You won't believe the grossest eats (strong stomachs only)

By Eric Sandler

Houston's media members really like cinnamon rolls and really hate creepy crawlies on pizza. At least, those are two possible takeaways from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo's annual Go ...

97 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (31)   Lists (0)   News (66)   Places (0)
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