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Oyster Shucking Competition at Julep


Julep hosts an oyster shucking contest, with a mix of industry professionals and customers participating. The person who shucks a box of 24 oysters the fastest will win a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle

Champagne Delivery

Special Delivery! Champagne maker's mail truck plans bubbly Houston stops

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Don’t you just love the anticipation of the arrival of a special package? We all do, and Veuve Clicquot knows it. That’s why the Champagne house has been sending a custom mail truck ...

Houston's Best Oyster Restaurants

Houston's best oyster restaurants: From grungy dives to sparkling new places, a guide to where seafood thrives

By Eric Sandler

Oysters, those slimy little nuggets of briny goodness, bring so much joy to seafood lovers. While colloquially, oyster season consists of all months with an "R" in their names, here in Te ...

Oyster Extravaganza at Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Join Saint Arnold Brewing Co. and Foodways Texas along with oyster expert Jim Gossen at the brewery to explore tables and tables of appellation oysters from Texas Gulf Coast reefs. Chef Danny Trace

'Tis the season

Aww, shucks: The best places to eat oysters in Houston — these restaurants worship mollusks

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Who cares what Bugs and Daffy say about whether it's rabbit season or duck season? It’s officially oyster season in the  Gulf Coast region. You may be wondering what the big ...

Foodie News

Andrew Zimmern's journey through Houston's food scene is not so bizarre but sure is tasty

By Sarah Rufca

While the chance to tailgate with Chris Shepherd is reason enough to fly across the country, it's pretty obvious that a busy guy like Andrew Zimmern — author, chef and host of Travel Chan ...

Trick or treat?

The real reason Olympic athletes bite their medals: It's a disgusting, crazy candy thing

By Troy Rudolph

After seeing countless Olympians biting down on their hard-earned gold medals for photographers this week, I did some research into the possibility of finding actual edible Olympic medals. Of c ...

Have you tried this?

Converting oyster haters: A new Houston spot's buzzy dish is capable of that and more

By Sarah Rufca

Call it the Goldilocks theory of oysters. It's sacrilege to say so in this town, but raw oysters have always been a bit too briny for my taste. That salty, squishy, fresh-from-the-ocean fla ...

Foodie News

Houston's most TV famous chef teaches the art of oyster roasting in Esquire

By Sarah Rufca

It's been a while since Top Chef favorite Bryan Caswell has published his well-thought-out, in-depth musings on the likes of redfish, loquats and red snapper on his blog, Wholefish. Instea ...

Watch It Yourself

Oyster season dies early, but the video of the funeral offers hope against Red Tide

By Caroline Gallay

Oyster season is dead in Texas, according to a new video report released by Texas Parks & Wildlife. One of the longest Red Tide outbreaks in the state's history is letting up, but not i ...

16 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (4)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)