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Foodies Fight Critic

Foodies accused of ruining restaurants: Chronicle critic's burger whine sparks an online firestorm

By Eric Sandler

"Are foodies loving restaurants to death," Houston Chronicle food writer Syd Kearney asks in a new blog post. What could prompt the veteran restaurant reporter to criticize a ma ...

The Arthropologist

A rollercoaster of a Road Show — with music: Tackling this Sondheim isn't for the timid

By Nancy Wozny

Whenever I feel a little low in the theater enthusiasm department, I know it's time for a one on one with Kenn McLaughlin, the wild-eyed artistic director of Stages Repertory Theatre. We&# ...

Bang, bang theory

Tired murder cliffhanger mars Dallas, but Larry Hagman still gets the best lines

By Elaine Liner

Bang! Bang! Way to go out on a familiar cliffhanger, third episode of Dallas. Annie (Brenda Strong), Bobby Ewing’s second wife, pulled a gun out of her handbag and plugged her abusive, baby-k ...

History comes alive

Magnificent Daniel Day-Lewis performance propels Spielberg’s Lincoln into Oscar contention

By Alex Bentley

There are few filmmakers more adept at making history come alive than Steven Spielberg. Although he’s regarded as the father of the modern blockbuster, Spielberg has gravitated toward histori ...

This is how World Wars begin

Forget this GOP tidal wave, let's get to the real election scandal gripping the World

By Steven Thomson

What happens when you mix international business and pleasure? A bevy of global beauties has gotten caught between an international spat involving China and Norway, and the winner of the squabb ...

The old no cellphone service excuse

BFFs for NEVER: Rihanna and Katy Perry no longer real pals?

By Steven Thomson

We all know that Katy Perry's bestie Rihanna was M.I.A. during KP's nuptials in India, but what's the aftermath of the RSVP rerouting? Though Rihanna insists she and Perry continue ...

mean boys

Drama queen Rick Perry gossips about fake Bill White-Obama feud (with video)

By Steven Thomson

Has a fierce election campaign driven Gov. Rick Perry to pitting his Democratic opponent Bill White against President Barack Obama? Regarding White citing a busy day as his reasoning for not pl ...

Leaving Iowa

A. D. Players

Don, a middle-aged man, travels across Iowa in search of a place to scatter his father's ashes. The trip evokes memories of road trips with his father and helps him through the grieving process

An Evening with Sarah Jones at Rice University

Rice University

Sarah Jones has written and performed four multi-character solo shows for which the New York Times calls her "a master of the genre." The Tony Award winning playright and performer comes

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