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Downtown Living

Downtown living shoots sky high with 40-story residential tower in Market Square

By Barbara Kuntz

Downtown living opportunities just shot sky high with plans for Market Square Tower, the urban core's largest residential project at 40 stories tall. The tower, with 463 apartments, will j ...

UH Stadium Death

Stadium tragedy: Young woman found dead at UH's new football palace plunged 60 feet, landed by scoreboard

By Ellen Goodacre

The construction site of the University of Houston's new $120 million football palace has become the tragic scene of a student's death.  A construction worker discovered ...

Hospital for the Population Boom

Houston Methodist's big expansion plans include Woodlands and new TMC tower

By Barbara Kuntz

Houston Methodist has joined the building boom in The Woodlands with a new 193-bed, full-service community hospital to help accommodate the expected 10,000 employees moving to the 385-acre Exx ...

New Galleria Theater

New Galleria area theater complex is coming to life: Pricey project hits cookie-cutter townhouse land

By Joel Luks

Amid a myriad of up-and-coming residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, the Galleria area's makeover will soon include a new performance arts complex that will house a popular 47-yea ...

Nature Townhomes

New townhouse community centered around a 300-year-old oak tree: Houston's nature development?

By Barbara Kuntz

Construction of a proposed seven-house, eight-townhome residential community with lots starting in the $800,000s near the Westmoreland Historic District is set to begin late this summer, accor ...

Real Estate Rumblings

Giant Uptown Park makeover begins with deal to build luxury rental tower

By Barbara Kuntz

A 26-story luxury rental tower with 250 units marks the first inked deal in the $1.2 billion redevelopment of Uptown Park shopping center. Patrinely Group recently signed the agreement with Am ...

Smoke Damage

Another mysterious Montrose luxury apartment fire raises questions: Building sites keep going up in flames

By Elizabeth Rhodes

A small fire erupted at the construction site of a new apartment complex in Montrose, adding to the city's run of mysterious fires at new luxury apartment buildings. The fire occurred on th ...

Crazy Montrose Fire Photos

Crazy pictures from the controversial Montrose apartment fire: Up close with a beast of blaze

By Chris Baldwin

The massive five-alarm fire that raged through a controversial Montrose apartment complex captured the city's attention and put parts of Houston at a virtual standstill. ...

Controversial Apartment Fire

Massive fire burns down a controversial Montrose apartment complex, engulfing the city in smoke and ash

By Chris Baldwin, Eric Sandler

The Houston Fire Department waged war on a massive, five-alarm fire at an under construction apartment complex on West Dallas between Montrose and Waugh. Portions of the building collapsed due ...

City of the Future

Where everyone yearns to live: Houston No. 1 in the nation in new home construction

By Ralph Bivins

LAS VEGAS – Houston led the nation in single-family home construction in 2013, with a significant lead over the No. 2 market, Dallas, according to Metrostudy, a housing consulting firm. L ...

34 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (33)   Places (0)

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