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The review is in

The thrill of bad behavior: HGO's Don Giovanni goes to the dark side but is not wicked enough

By Joseph Campana

Sometimes you're so wicked you get dragged down to hell. Sometimes you're so wicked, you don't even care. Central to Mozart's Don Giovanni is the vicarious thrill of bad behavio ...

Links we love today

Bill Nye's bowties, digital pills, Mitt Romney's VP plan and more

By Samantha Pitchel

Here are the links we loved today: MTV has announced the 2012 VMA nominees. Crushable lists their favorite up-and-coming bands. Harry Potter's unsolved mysteries. Meet Amer ...

Hollywood paychecks

Celebrity cash cows: Boring Kristen Stewart makes way more than Meryl Streep or Kristen Wiig

By Michael Graupmann

And now in news that will make you want to stab your eyes out: Forbes released its list of the top female moneymakers in the movie industry these days. And the number one earner last year was (sad, ...

weird merch

Giving the gift of Twilight: Beyond posters and pins to... glitter lube?

By Leila Kalmbach

The new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, came out a couple of weeks ago. If you’re as much of a Twilight fan as I am, you know this means… um, vampires? Apparently it also me ...

Why everyone else is leaving town

A proud nerd's guide to Comicpalooza: Zombie love, Twilight hate, Star Trek babes & Edward James Olmos rule

By Brandi Lalanne

Comicpalooza’s fourth year has been dubbed the “Year of the Zombie” and for good reason. It already started off with a Zombie Pub Crawl last weekend and is continuing this Friday ...

Hometown Glory

Vampire love: Robert Pattinson calls Houston his favorite city in America, shocking MTV host

By Caroline Gallay

He likes us, he really likes it! Twilight star Robert Pattinson, currently doing a promotional tour for his latest film Water for Elephants, told MTV that Houston was his favorite city in all ...

Uneasy about fame

Is Kristen Stewart getting a bad rap for being a whiner when all she really wants is a little privacy?

By Jennifer Patterson

Though I’m not fan of Twilight, I have a soft spot for 20-year-old actress Kristen Stewart. She’s cadaverously pale, hella moody, and not, uh, "traditionally" attractive. None ...

An Across The Pond Premiere

No Twilight: Houston's bloody monsters are invading England

By Cynthia Neely

It took five years of blood, sweat, and latex to bring him to life, but Count Dracula’s insane manservant, R.N. Renfield, will soon quench his nasty thirst in full color on the big screen due ...

Bookmark this gem

Hilary Duff pens her own Twilight and plans to tackle divorce next

By Steven Thomson

Lizzie McGuire has gone literary. Elixir, a new young adult novel by Hilary Duff, has hit bookshelves, providing an inkling that the Houston-bred pop personality has a way with words. &quo ...

Twihards focus on the important things

How to celebrate Bella's birthday Twilight style

By Sarah Rufca

The terrorist attacks of September 11? Old news. Second anniversary of Hurricane Ike? Who cares. For Twihards, the only anniversary that matters this week is the birthday of Bella Swan, the fiction ...

24 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (23)   Places (0)