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Restaurant Secrets

Restaurant secrets: Houston's top chefs open up on what drove them into the kitchen

By Marene Gustin

“For me cooking started as a necessity, grew to a core and developed into passion,” says Shannen Tune, executive chef at Hotel Derek. “I come from a family of great cooks and ever ...

An Astros Win

Houston's best barbecue restaurant gets its own stand at Minute Maid Park: Now this is Major League food

By Eric Sandler

Just as the Houston Astros are trying to upgrade their on-field product into something that resembles Major League quality after three consecutive seasons of setting franchise lows for wins, t ...

Recipe for love

Iron Chef Bryan Caswell gets married — and sings his heart out to his bride

By Shelby Hodge

You could say that on Saturday, uber chef Bryan Caswell was the happiest man on the planet. And well he should have been as that was the day he wed his sweetheart, Jennifer Dell, in a family c ...

New Barbecue Spot Swarmed

New barbecue restaurant is swarmed — and a hip hop star gets in on it: Welcome to Ronnie Killen's world

By Eric Sandler

"Very busy." Ronnie Killen only needs those two words to describe the first weekend of full-time operations at Killen's Barbecue. In addition to serving about 1,500 pounds of meat ...

Big Chef Move

Houston's hot new barbecue restaurant hires a rising star chef: From Underbelly to pitmaster

By Eric Sandler

One of the lingering questions surrounding Killen's Barbecue is who chef/owner Ronnie Killen would employ as his pitmaster. For the past year, Killen himself has supervised the one-off events a ...

Best BBQ Restaurant

Sneak peek: Million-dollar restaurant with "best barbecue, period" is almost ready

By Eric Sandler

After months of planning, pop-ups and construction, Killen's BBQ looks set to open by the end of the month. With the custom, reverse-flow, brick pit under construction in the former Pearland IS ...

New Restaurants

Houston's most anticipated new restaurants — from best bakery to BBQ, and caviar, too!

By Eric Sandler

Even in what felt like a down year for high-profile restaurant openings, Houston's vibrant scene produced a solid mix of new restaurants that have improved diners' choices. That trend shows ...

Houston's Best Restaurant Bites

Houston's Best Restaurant Bites: The newcomers, oldies and departing icons that wowed

By Marene Gustin

Despite a pretty impressive list of restaurant openings right before the holidays, 2013 wasn’t the most memorable of eating years in Houston — although there were some standout dishes. ...

Foodie News

Chefs rally to help out owner of pie shop destroyed by post-Thanksgiving fire

By Eric Sandler

Last week, a fire destroyed Houston restaurant My Dee Dee's Deli and Pie Shoppe. While the name of this Northside cafe may not be as widely well known as House of Pies or Flying Saucer Pie Comp ...

Save the date

President's daughter and hot DJ join forces for Baker Institute "Club Berlin" celebration

By Shelby Hodge

While Rice University's Baker Institute plans an elegant, sophisticated 20th anniversary celebration on Nov. 8, the center for public policy lets down its hair Nov. 9 with a rocking "Club ...

43 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (43)   Places (0)

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