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Dead Dogs Controversy

Art for dead dogs? $86,000 BARC beautification project creates a furor as art is funded amid shelter's killing

By Joel Luks

A proposed Houston Arts Alliance civic art project designed to beautify BARC Adoption and Animal Shelter's future building has some people hissing, questioning whether the use funds is appropri ...

Capture and release

Obama mural vandal finally caught? Breakfast Klub owner tackles man with paint can

By Tyler Rudick

Just days after artists repainted the recently-defaced Barack Obama mural in Midtown, an alleged vandal has slipped through the cracks. The Breakfast Klub's Marcus Davis — w ...

Shelby's Social Diary

Celebrity art fever: Annise Parker's cactus painting sells for 10 grand as a Texans star masquerades

By Shelby Hodge

Thank you Michael Cordúa for transforming Mayor Annise Parker from merely head of the nation's fourth largest city into a top-selling artist. For it was his bid of $6,000 for the pa ...

Crime Stoppers Involved

Midtown restaurant's Obama mural vandalized for the third time: Paint attack leaves a mark

By Barbara Kuntz

For the third time since its creation, a mural of President Barack Obama in Midtown has been vandalized. Located at West Alabama and Travis across from the popular The Breakfast  ...

RIP Daniel Kayne

Noted Houston artist commits suicide by hanging: Found dead in his Temple studio

By Tyler Rudick

The Houston art world is mourning the loss of performance artist Daniel Kayne, who was found dead in his studio at 2300 McKinney on Monday — the victim of an apparent suicide by hanging. ...

See the new look

Vandalism of Breakfast Klub's Obama mural goes national, rallies support for president

By Tyler Rudick

When life gives you lemons . . . paint a rockin' Obama mural with the help of the community. Houston artist Reginald Adams enjoyed a crowd of about 100 supporters Wednesday night, as he set ...

He's Warning You

Vandalized Obama mural to be repainted into a new Uncle Sam pose at Breakfast Klub

By Tyler Rudick

Houston art vandals are at it again . . . and this time, it's fueled by partisan politics. During the weekend, an unknown assailant (or assailants) threw bright red paint across the Breakfa ...

A Neighborhood Centers first

Everyone's welcome: A mariachi-style reopening for Ripley House Middle School

By Joel Luks

It may be that the typical ribbon-cutting ceremony is a photo op to recognize philanthropists and investors that support people doing good. Mundane speeches, check presentations and unveilings are ...

Send me an Angel

Dream on: With a little imagination, the sky's the limit for public arts in Houston

By Reginald C. Adams

Editors Note: As part of the celebration of Houston's 175th anniversary, we asked some of Houston's leaders to imagine the city's future. In this essay, Reginald C. Adams, founder of th ...

State of the Arts

Why the arts are important: Houston arts leaders have their say

By Joel Luks

Houston arts leaders and advocates believe that, even in the tough economy, it's important to make a strong case for supporting the arts. They share their thoughts.   ...

13 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)
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