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Katy to fight, H-Town to eat

CNN gun battler Piers Morgan praises a Houston restaurant for having the best food in America

By Tyler Rudick

CNN host Piers Morgan brought the gun-violence debate to a Katy shooting range on Monday for a series of heated interviews with Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, State Sen. Dan Patrick and b ...

Las Vegas or Bust

Houston's Miral Kotb and iLuminate dance crew advance to semifinals in America's Got Talent

By Caroline Gallay

In the results episode of America's Got Talent Wednesday night, Houston's own Miral Kotb was in the hot seat as she waited to find out whether she and her dance troupe, iLuminate, ...

CultureMap Exclusive

Houston-area computer dance whiz quietly makes quarterfinals of America's Got Talent: iLuminate yourself

By Shelby Hodge

Dancer by night, corporate software developer by day, Clear Lake native Miral Kotb will be pulling the strings (or rather clicking the computer keys) backstage tonight when her electrified dance gr ...

Love Hurts

Ryan O'Neal fails science, fatherhood with Farrah Fawcett cancer cause theory

By Sarah Rufca

There has been news recently about studies that say cell phones and driving with your hand out the window cause cancer. This week professional doctor and scientist actor Ryan O'Neal added ...

Piers Pressed

Joel Osteen calls homosexuality "a sin," but professes to love Elton John

By Sarah Rufca

If Lakewood Church pastor Joel Osteen is known for anything (besides writing bestselling books, leading one of the largest congregations in the country and having a toothy grin) it's prefe ...

Please no Ryan Seacrest

It's Anderson Cooper's CNN now: Larry King hangs up his suspenders, Katie Couric quickly turns them down

By Chris Baldwin

Time has finally caught up to Larry King. The 76-year-old CNN news icon— who always made interviewing today's hottest pop culture stars a big part of his nightly show (along with more Elv ...

6 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)