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Best Pixs Of The Day

Cute, hilarious and stunning photos: A look back at Houston's best Pixs of the Day

By Barbara Kuntz

CultureMap has consistently illustrated its articles these past five years with outstanding images from freelancers, contributors, staff and a team of incredibly talented photographers. "Best ...

Pix of the Day

The most spectacular picture of the Blood Moon reveals the real truths of the phenomenon

By Barbara Kuntz

While most of us were sleeping, the moon turned into a cosmic red ball and glowed rather ominously in the sky in the wee hours this morning as the Blood Moon. And thanks to always-on- ...

What a year!

Favorite photos of 2013: Monumental, memorable and just plain fun

By Barbara Kuntz

As photo editor of CultureMap, I scour through hundreds of photos every day. Here are some from the past year I consider monumental or memorable in Houston's 2013 history, along with some  ...

Shelby Hodge's Cancer Bout

Cancer fighter: Shelby Hodge on her M.D. Anderson treatment, her party return & those boxing gloves

By Shelby Hodge

It is three weeks after my treatments at M.D. Anderson concluded. I'm back at my keyboard in the CultureMap offices and ready to return to tracking the boldfaced types across the social la ...

Pix of the Day

The most famous kiss in the world is reborn at the Houston Rodeo: How about a sexy dip?

By Barbara Kuntz

Armed Forces Appreciation Day at RodeoHouston on Wednesday brought free admission, barbecue and a special salute to those who serve our country and their families. And this kiss, so reminiscent ...

The sport of stealing

A rash of "smash and grab" break-ins at Memorial Park put joggers & bikers in crime's crosshairs

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

When you make your way to Memorial Park, you're usually on a mission — a fitness mission. Whether it's to ride your bike on the Picnic Loop or stretch your legs on the Seymour Lieberm ...

Closest in 18 years

SuperMoon over Houston: Oh, what a sight!

By Clifford Pugh

The biggest full moon in 18 years appeared Saturday night and CultureMap contributing photographer Michelle Watson got a great view of it. Michelle rented a 400 mm lens to capture its beauty from t ...

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
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