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Island Time

Megabus speeding to Galveston: New $1 route approved as academics deem bus travel "cool"

By Whitney Radley

I will admit that, despite a not-so-hot track record and a cache of horrific photos depicting freak accidents and fatal crashes, I remain an unabashed fan of Megabus.  Since the no-frills ...

Rolling on...

More Megabus for Texas: Houston-Austin route revived, downtown Dallas location added

By Whitney Radley

For Houstonians taking Megabus to the Dallas area, there'll be no more suckering friends to brave DFW traffic for a ride to or from the Grand Prairie Megabus stop in the suburbs:  ...

Do the fares compare?

Bus fight: Greyhound tries to run over Megabus with new express routes from Houston

By Whitney Radley

The express service that Greyhound unrolled earlier this year between Houston and Austin and Houston and Dallas was just the beginning: The Dallas-based bus company revealed Thu ...

The Plush Bus

No more Austin for you! Megabus cancels one of its $1 routes, changes its pickup location

By Whitney Radley

Oh, how we celebrated the announcement of's Texas routes! Fares to Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and New Orleans starting at $1! Free Wi-Fi and clean restrooms! Double-decks to stretc ...

Why fly?

$1 to Dallas? Megabus hits Texas with fancy buses and super-low fares

By Erin Schwarz

With TSA continuing its touchy-feely reign of terror and gas prices still stubbornly high, what's the best way to get to Dallas, Austin or New Orleans for cheap? A bus may be the new answer, wi ...

5 Results. Showing to
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