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CultureMap Restaurant Exclusive

Ambitious Heights restaurant rises from the dead: Once shelved project brings unique 3-day cooking method

By Eric Sandler

A once shelved fried chicken restaurant has been given new life in the Heights. F.E.E.D. TX, the restaurant group responsible for BRC, Petite Sweets and Liberty Kitchen, has revived its plans to op ...

Where to Eat Right Now

Where to Eat Right Now: 10 cool, must-try restaurants for November

By Eric Sandler

For three years, Ruthie Miller has provided CultureMap readers with an invaluable monthly list of hot Houston restaurants to try. Since she's decided to take a break from that responsibility, i ...

Foodie News

New River Oaks seafood restaurant is already drawing a crowd

By Eric Sandler

A friend of mine in the restaurant business jokes about certain dishes being "nostalgia traps." They combine familiar flavors that are totally irresistible to anyone who grew up eating th ...

Foodie News

Menu makeover: Houston restaurant looks to be transformed by bold switch

By Eric Sandler

After a year of running the same menu, BRC Gastropub chef/owner Lance Fegen has changed things up with new starters, salads, burgers and entrees. The changes, specifically the addition of meat ...

Special Summer Dishes

Houston's best restaurants for summer: Bringing the wow to light and wild dining

By Layne Lynch

As the temperatures rise, Houstonians are taking to backyard burgers, cool ceviches, frosty cocktails and al fresco dining to make it through the blistering hot summer season. Lucky for us, an ...

Houston to Austin

Liberty Kitchen owners weigh in on expansion and that continuing Alison Cook food feud

By Layne Lynch

One of Houston's most popular oyster bars and seafood restaurants, Liberty Kitchen Oyster Bar, is opening an Austin location in early 2014. Just a stone's throw away from Larry McGuire' ...

Spread the love

Go nuts: It's National Peanut Butter Day and here are the 5 most delicious ways to celebrate

By Layne Lynch

Smooth, chunky, natural, swirled with jelly. No matter how you prefer your peanut butter, there's no denying this nutty concoction is a timeless American food. In fact, children and adults alik ...

warm and hearty

Pig out: BRC's once-a-month suckling pig dinner leaves plenty to squeal about

By Clifford Pugh

The guys at BRC are constantly trying something different. With the success of Babi Guling night on Thursdays at sister restaurant Liberty Kitchen, where a suckling pig is served Balinese ...

Foodie News

New Tex-Mex Surf restaurant to bring street tacos, pizza and a giant beer backyard to Garden Oaks

By Dillon Sorensen

There’s no stopping Lee Ellis, the Houston restaurateur/entrepreneur who’s behind a few establishments you may have heard of, including BRC Gastropub, Liberty Kitchen, Petite Sweets&nbs ...

Foodie News

New Heights restaurant with foodie cred to feature fried chicken, donuts & a drive-thru

By Sarah Rufca

According to Google, the most popular (or at least most interesting) foods to pair with fried chicken are waffles, sushi (um, what?) and champagne. But don't tell that to Lee Ellis, one of the ...

22 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (20)   Places (2)

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