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Quick Fix

Clocks that wow: Time doesn't halt, but it becomes a showstopper with these unique pieces

By Barbara Kuntz

Growing up, my parents kept the wall clock in the kitchen/breakfast area 15 minutes fast in order to rally the four children to wake up, get dressed, have a bite to eat and head out the door for sc ...

Quick Fix

The best home fragrances for the holidays: Make sure your house smells up to company

By Barbara Kuntz

The holidays beckon a cozy house full of family and friends, made-from-scratch dinner specialties — or those you traditionally purchase — and aromatic fragrances not just from the ...

Say no to the giant teddy bear

A perfectly unique Valentine's Day gift guide: Don't be the fool who gives horrible love presents

By Darla Guillen

It’s not just that women and men can be clueless when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, the problem with shopping for this occasion is that any well-funded advertisement can sway a rea ...

Designer appearance & trunk show: Valentine's Day with Elizabeth Irvine


Meet jewelry designer Elizabeth Irvine at a special Valentine's Day trunk show featuring the Rose Quartz Serenity Bead Necklace, a sentimental gift to express love for someone special. Irvine w

AIA Home Tour

Step inside a Memorial dream home where the koi roam: Architects love this oil man's style

By Joel Luks

"Custom" and "customizable" may stem from the same linguistic root, but when it comes to how these labels are thrown around in residential construction lingo, the terms might as ...

Fab Find

Pillows that will make you laugh out loud: Luxury gets playfully scenic at Kuhl-Linscomb

By Barbara Kuntz

We all remember that famous cinematic scene from King Kong when (insert favorite leading lady here) screams as the giant ape attempts to take her to safety atop the Empire State Building. I saw tha ...

Still time to shop

Gifts of gratitude for the mail carrier, dog walker, mother-in-law & nearly everyone on your list

By Allie N. Fields

Here’s a gift guide that says "thank you" to all those unsung heroes in your life who manage to make things better all year 'round. ...

The Quick Fix

It's turkey time: Make your Thanksgiving meal shine with the perfect platter presentation

By Barbara Kuntz

Give your final Thanksgiving product what it deserves: Outstanding presentation on the perfect serving platter. ...

The Quick Fix

Area rugs to define your room — and keep your toes stylishly cozy

By Barbara Kuntz

Find the perfect area rug to define a space, to create a splash of color or pattern or just serve as a cushy step for your toes. ...

The Quick Fix

Making your home shimmer: Easy ways to use metallics to glam up any room

By Barbara Kuntz

Metallics are a mainstay in the fashion world's must-have wardrobe lists, year after year. Why not incorporate them into your home decor for a complete "in-the-know" look? ...

19 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (17)   Places (1)

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