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The Real Playoff Contender?

Gary Kubiak's offense completely exposed, but Ravens downplay "ass kicking" amid playoff visions

By MoiseKapenda Bower

Maybe this is the byproduct of championship resolve, the residue of levelheadedness that remains after postseason runs have been gloriously competed and Lombardi trophies have been lifted triumphan ...

Ben Tate To Cleveland?

Ben Tate headed to Cleveland? Arian Foster needs to be more the Texans worry

By Chris Baldwin

Arian Foster was on his way to having one of his typical big games against the Baltimore Ravens. And then, he wasn't. Foster looked like vintage Foster (which isn't exactly a dated, anc ...

Romo or No Go

The truth behind Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo's mega-contract: Jerry Jones had no choice

By Matthew Postins

There is no ambivalence toward Tony Romo. Either you love him or you loathe him. Sometimes it happens in the same breath. But don’t blame Romo for what happened on Friday. That was a Jerry Jo ...

By the Numbers

Embattled Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo close to new contract

By Jonathan Rienstra

The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo are getting closer to an agreement on a restructured contract. It remains to be seen if the new terms will yield success for the struggling franchise.  The ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Jim Harbaugh's whine more pathetic than power outage & nerd kiss: Super bad brother exposed

By Chris Baldwin

Jim Harbaugh just can't help himself. His older brother John wins the Super Bowl, proves to be the better, more creative and daring coach, and the San Francisco 49ers brat with a headset throws ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Alex Smith? Please! Tony Romo is the only real Schaub replacement option for Texans

By Chris Baldwin

Matt Schaub would have shredded the Patriots defense for nearly 400 yards and at least three touchdowns if his receivers held onto several catchable balls on a balmy New England day. As is, he thre ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Deadlier than a Mark Sanchez fumble: Wade Phillips, new head coach to be, calls his own shot

By Chris Baldwin

Wade Phillips keeps going back, showing his defense over and over again what the Baltimore Ravens are going to run — and how the Texans are set to take it apart. As Phillips plays relaxed ...

Home for the playoffs?

The road to the Super Bowl goes through Houston: Texans grab huge advantage by destroying Ravens

By Chris Baldwin

The Houston Texans waited more than 280 days to get another shot at the Baltimore Ravens. Thanks to the force of that shot — powered by all the pent-up fury of getting knocked out of the ...

Texans 43, Ravens 13

The Intimidators: Joe Flacco folds when J.J. Watt, Johnathan Joseph & Wade Phillips turn up the heat

By Chris Baldwin

Johnathan Joseph looked plenty fast to the Baltimore Ravens. Agile too. The Houston Texans cornerback with a bum groin adjusted on the fly to pluck another J.J. Watt tipped pass out of the air ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Lucky Peyton Manning & dismissed Tim Tebow don't stack up to Texans' revenge game

By Chris Baldwin

It's been 275 days since the Houston Texans had their hearts ripped out in Baltimore and you can be sure that they've thought about it almost every day since. "You just don't f ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)

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