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Leaving the Longhorns

Search is on for new UT football coach after Mack Brown announces plans to resign

By John Egan

In 2005, Mack Brown led the University of Texas Longhorns to a national football championship. But following less-than-stellar seasons in recent years, the Mack Brown era is coming to a rocky end. ...

No ordinary memorial

Remembering the Rodeo king: Death of iconic Texas figure brings Bevo & Mack Brown to River Oaks

By Whitney Radley

It was a sad day when Louis M. Pearce Jr. passed away in late December, but it was all celebration at a memorial reception for the esteemed Houstonian on Wednesday at the River Oaks Country Cl ...

118 years and finished?

Dead forever? Texas A&M & Texas game may never return — Kevin Sumlin sees Oklahoma-Nebraska repeat

By Chris Baldwin

All those who assume that Texas A&M and the University of Texas will resume the best rivalry in college football after a few year cooling-off period could be in for a huge surprise. Kevin S ...

Still waiting ...

Incomplete pass: No one can watch Longhorn Network, but ESPN promises it's going to be great!

By Kevin Benz

If a cable television channel launches but no one can watch it, does it really exist? Despite the assurances of many who should know, there is still no word that the Longhorn Network will be availa ...

A rather glaring omission

Horned over: Will the Longhorn Network be shown everywhere but Houston?

By Kevin Benz

As fans and sports columnists gnash their teeth, the Longhorn Network (aka ESPN) has been working late hours trying to get its network distributed not just in Austin but nationwide before the switc ...

Goodbye, UT

UPDATED: Texas A&M poised to bolt to Southeastern Conference

By Clifford Pugh, Kevin Benz

Apparently fed up with the University of Texas' domination of the Big 12, Texas A&M University is poised to jump to the Southeastern Conference. Buzz has been building for over a week, ...

Hear me out

Longhorn Network is here to stay: Controversy will blow over with Beebe & Dodds' political touch

By Kevin Benz

I gotta get something off my chest. I do this occasionally... just hear me out. The Longhorn Network just can’t get out of its own way. First the network announces (with a great leve ...

7 Results. Showing to
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