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Saint Arnold, beer champions: Houston's original brewery wins three World Beer Cup Medals

By Sarah Rufca

Lately the beer buzz in Houston has centered around the crop of new local breweries — Karbach, Buffalo Bayou, City Acre, etc. But Saint Arnold Brewing Company, the oldest craft beer company i ...

Saturday 1-7 pm

Texas Beer Fest plans celebration of the best state & local brews

By Whitney Radley

"We don't have to keep drinking the same swill that tastes like water." So rings the battle cry of Clif Wigington, manager general of the Texas Beer Fest, a local craft-beer-blow ...

Beer, bites & cupcakes

Pints for the Planet fundraiser at Saint Arnold Brewery draws big turnout

By Caroline Gallay

Around 200 like-minded revelers turned out at Saint Arnold Brewery Wednesday evening for the Pints for the Planet fundraiser benefiting Whole Foods' charitable initiative, Whole Planet. Tak ...

Get it in growlers

Saint Arnold is set to debut its limited release Bitter Belgian — here's where you can find it

By Caroline Gallay

Saint Arnold's fourth and final release from its Movable Yeast Series — which launched in 2010 but took a one-year hiatus — will hit better beer bars Thursday, and we had ourselves ...

Badass imagery

Tag it: GONZO247 transforms Saint Arnold brewery logo into graffiti art

By Tyler Rudick

"Is it possible to get more bad ass than this?" Saint Arnold Brewing Company tweeted late Tuesday afternoon, linking to an image of Houston graffiti artist GONZO247 setting up the outline ...

A Brewtiful Gesture

Saint Arnold introducing two new Rice-inspired beer labels in celebration of school's 100th

By Caroline Gallay

We hear that if you're a Rice alum, you're well aware that the university's Centennial is coming up in 2012, mostly because you've been getting hit up for money for months in advanc ...

Twitter Pushed to defy history

Houston to get its brewpub back: Freetail Brewing Co. set to open a downtown Houston location

By Caroline Gallay

Being that I'm in the midst of an investigation into why Houston has been without an operating brewpub since Two Rows closed in October, while other Texas markets like Austin get to have multip ...

Saint Arnold Ale Dinner


Benjy's is brewing up an exquisite evening with Saint Arnold Brewing Company. Executive chef Mike Potowski skillfully demonstrates how specialty ale can complement and intensify dishes, such as

We knew about it first

We ♥ Hou because Saint Arnold's celebrity brew is simply our hometown memory beer

By Caroline Gallay

Saint Arnold Amber is, arguably, the perfect beer. To borrow a line from Will Ferrell's aging frat boy character in Old School, it just "tastes so good once it hits your lips." ...

No More Ads

Saint Arnold founder Brock Wagner spills his beer (secrets)

By Caroline Gallay

With enough Saturday brewery visits to stock my entire cabinet with Saint Arnold's pint glasses, I thought I knew everything there was to know about our little downtown brewery. I certainly did ...

11 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)

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