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Bayou City Outdoors presents "Picassos by Paws Painting Party and Fundraiser"

Join Bayou City Outdoors and Urban Tails for "Picassos by Paws," a fundraiser for Houston SNAP (Spay-Neuter Assistance Program). Participants will assist dogs in bringing out their inner

Bayou City Outdoors' "Meet and Greet" at Warehouse Bar and Chill

Whether you're in the mood for local craft beer, house-ground gourmet burgers, a black bean wrap or rustic bread pudding, Warehouse Bar and Chill offers a little something for every palate.

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — music marathon included

By Joel Luks

On this week's itinerary are a big art exhibition, a musical marathon (no running required), a winged bike ride, a fiery art auction-cum-raucous dance fete and a dramatic film with Brit sass. ...

Bayou City Outdoors hosts "Summer Party and Meet & Greet"

Last Concert Café

Join Bayou City Outdoors and find out what the sporty group is all about. With 85 to 100 events a month, from kayaking to camping to biking to hiking to concerts and wine-tastings, the troupe never

Bayou City Outdoors hosts "Stand Up Paddleboard Lessons"

Haven't tried stand up paddleboard yet? Come out and join for some fun on the water. Plan on learning all about this awesome new sport that has everyone raving. It's a full body workout, bu

Bayou City Outdoors hosts "Pub Stroll and Scavenger Hunt"

Grab your buds and put on your best scavenging goggles for Bayou City Outdoors' "Pub Stroll and Scavenger Hunt." The event kicks off at Lucky's downtown. From there, the trav

Bayou City Outdoors' Farmers Market Ride & Cruiser Giveaway

Market Square Park

Join Bayou City Outdoors for a bike ride to the Urban Harvest Farmers Market at Eastside plus an opportunity to win a brand new cruiser, compliments of Bayou City Outdoors and Urban Bicycle Gallery

Bayou City Outdoors hosts "Bikes, Bats, Brews & B-cycles - All On Buffalo Bayou"

Guests will ride from the Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park along the Buffalo Bayou Hike Bike Trail to the Waugh Street Bat viewing platform at Allen Parkway. The bats generally start leaving the bridg

Bayou City Outdoors Birthday Bash

Bayou City Outdoors is taking over the new The de Gaulle for the evening. Think red velvet, chandeliers and Paris 1920s. There will be flappers on hand to teach the Lindy so guests can swing to the

Bayou City Outdoors' Graffiti Art & Food Truck Bike Ride

Market Square Park

Have you noticed the outdoor art adorning the city these days? Graffiti has moved from outlaw to street art in Houston. Bayou City Outdoors hosts a bike ride around H-town to check out some of the

91 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 10
Refine By:   Events (87)   Lists (0)   News (4)   Places (0)

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