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Weaving a new world

Rugs that make a difference: Afghan women take a stand while wowing with design power

By Whitney Radley

High design, quality craftsmanship and philanthropy collide in a recent collaboration for ARZU Studio Hope, a nonprofit aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing empowerment to Afgha ...

legal news

Family of Marine killed in veterans parade crash at railroad crossing sues Union Pacific Railroad

By Claire St. Amant

When your spouse is in the military, the threat of death is ever-present. But after Gary Stouffer returned home from his latest tour in Afghanistan with a traumatic brain injury, his family believe ...

meaningful accessories

Give peace a chance: Military-inspired bracelets support Afghan workers as U.S. troops come home

By Caitlin M. Ryan

Though the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are (debatably) over, there is a great deal of love, respect and homage still to pay to those in the armed services and those affected by the past decade of ...

YouTube Romance

Mila Kunis and the Marine takes a turn: Will she really follow through with this benefit?

By Sarah Byerley

A video of a Marine stationed in Afghanistan recently surfaced on the Interwebs. This Marine is on the quest to find the perfect date to the upcoming Marine Corps Ball. His chosen potential dat ...

Fighting the horrors of war

Doctor Christmas: Houston surgeon steps in to give military doctors a holiday break

By Steven Thomson

Is there such a thing as a Christmas medical miracle? Retired United States Army Col. John Holcomb, M.D. is making the idea a reality by spending his Christmas holiday in Germany so physicians ...

The war at home

Obama's team of Mean Girls exposed in new Bob Woodward book

By Sarah Rufca

It's pretty obvious that Bob Woodward's book, an inside look at the Obama administration, isn't just called Obama's Wars because of Afghanistan. With The New York Times and The ...

Marine Rescue Mission

Feline war refugee: Kiki the Afghan cat comes home to Houston

By Caroline Gallay

A touching article about war and kittens has been making the Internet rounds recently, and it turns out it's got a Houston connection. The story — about a group of Marines who rescued fou ...

The CultureMap Interview

No retakes in war: The hippie parents' warrior talks Taliban fighting in Restrepo

By Joe Leydon

The TV news reporter wanted to stroll through the Angelika Film Center lobby alongside Sgt. Misha Pemble-Belkin, to get some intro footage for the interview they’d just taped. But the first a ...

Fire him

An officer, not a gentleman: General McChrystal should get the boot

By Sarah Rufca

It's not an ordinary thing to fire a general in wartime — it hasn't happened since Truman sacked Douglas MacArthur in 1952. But if certain pundits get their way, next on the chopp ...

Soldier Style File

Back to buttons: The Army ditches Velcro

By Sarah Rufca

Velcro may be the material for the space age, but it doesn't do much in the sand pit. After a collective 16 years of war since 1990 in combat zones that resemble the set of The Mummy, the m ...

12 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)