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Highrise Drama

Magnet for drama? Robinhood Condos at the center of triple lawsuits

By Caroline Gallay

The Robinhood Condominiums at 2520 Robinhood may soon be rid of Hans' Bier Haus, but the high rise's penchant for being in the center of high drama means things are far from over for the ho ...


Houston nightlife: Where's the secret checklist when you're black?

By Ray Odom

We want in. As college graduates and skilled professionals, we are more than familiar with the admissions process. We are used to hurdles and hoops. We jump them often. However, we’re st ...

Hudson Responds

"I am not a racist," Hudson Lounge owner Adam Kliebert says (with update)

By Caroline Gallay

Don't call Adam Kliebert a racist. He says it deeply offends him. The home builder and owner of Rice Village's trendy Hudson Lounge has been at the center of a storm of controversy ...

Hudson Lounge

Robinhood Street den of all things posh

2506 Robinhood
Houston, TX 77005

Patio Palms

Design drives Robinhood's new posh Hudson Lounge

By Steven Thomson

Like a Palm Spring mirage, the bright-eyed Hudson Lounge has emerged in the midst of the Robinhood Street turmoil as the Rice Village warehouse district's den of all things posh. Design ...

Sip and Shoot

Hudson Lounge hits Rice Village, brings talent

By Marcy de Luna

Two Rows may be irreplacable, but the Rice Village is adding a new bar to its roster. I’m always up for a new place to hang, and super excited about the opening of Hudson Lounge in West U ...

Sip and Shoot

Houston's new bar blitz: From a Champagne room with a view to high-end tequila

By Marcy de Luna

Has your going out routine become predictable? Are you in a social rut? Fear not: Several new bars are hitting the scene and Houston’s nightlife has never looked better. Cheers to the la ...

Don't fight a war on two fronts

Rice Village high-rise feud with local bar takes a new twist

By Caroline Gallay

2520 Robinhood, the Rice Village high-rise on Kirby Drive that has taken its juvenile feud with neighboring bar Hans' Bier Haus to the courtroom, is about to get a new neighbor. Swampl ...

8 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (1)
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