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Ridiculous Houston Texans T-shirt that defies history is on sale at Old Navy — again

Houston Texans, T shirt, Old Navy
Look closely at the fine print on this Houston Texans T-shirt from Old Navy. Courtesy Photo

Back in early September, we wrote about how Old Navy was selling a Houston Texans T-shirt that makes no sense. 

Well, it's heeeeere — again.

The retailer pulled the T-shirt after our story ran, presumably because they were so embarrassed, but it's back on the Old Navy website— at a reduced price of $15.

The retailer got the Texans' red, white and blue colors right, along with the bull-shaped logo that resembles the Texas flag. But look closely: The lettering says "1961 AFC Champions."

The only problem: The Texans weren't around in 1961.

The Houston Oilers were American Football League champs in '61, but, as most Houstonians know, Bud Adams moved the team to Nashville in 1997 and Houston got a new team with a new name — the Texans — in 2002.

I think the T-shirt could be a collector's item — or a remnant for a future garage sale. In any event, better buy it fast because who knows how long it will remain?

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