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Just five miles from the finish

Man who died during the BP MS 150 is brought back to life, expected to recover

BP MS 150 finish line April 2013 crowd cyclists
On Sunday a cyclist in the BP MS 150 suffered a serious heart attack . . . just five miles from the finish line.  BP MS 150/Facebook

A 68-year-old cyclist in this weekend's BP MS 150 suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday, narrowly missing the finish line of the famous Houston-to-Austin trek by five short miles.

While he is currently awake and speaking to family members from his hospital bed, EMS officials have been quick to note that the unnamed Houston man was "technically dead" just days ago.

One of nearly 12,000 participants in this year's annual ride, the cyclist collapsed from his bike around 1 p.m. Sunday just east of downtown Austin. After two minutes of CPR, emergency workers revived him with a defibrillator and rushed him to University Medical Center Brackenridge.

Hospital authorities were unable to provide further information, but the Austin American-Statesmen reports that the man is expected to be discharged.

Sunday's incident comes just two months after a man suffered a fatal heart-related attack during the eight-annual Tour de Houston, a 70-mile ride viewed by area cyclists as a warm-up to the BP MS 150.

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