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J.J. Watt's new deal includes free groceries clause: Schools Tom Brady in endorsement sense

J.J. Watt finger wag
J.J. Watt knows how to strike a good deal. Photo by Michelle Watson/CultureMapSnap
Scott McClelland, H-E-B, January 2013 HEB
Mr. H-E-B is pumped about the company's new deal with J.J. Watt. Photo by © Michelle Watson/
J.J. Watt finger wag
Scott McClelland, H-E-B, January 2013 HEB

It's only natural that endorsement offers are rolling in for Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt. That's what a season for the ages can do for you.

But Watt is showing he's not just about the money.

In his first big deal with grocery chain H-E-B, No. 99 and his reps worked in a clause that should keep the 6-foot-5, 295-pound superstar's refrigerator well stocked.

"He's got a big appetite and we have a lot of groceries," H-E-B Houston president Scott McClelland tells CultureMap. "Part of the contract is that we buy his food."

Hey, you don't get 20 and 1/2 sacks and 16 passes defensed — previously unheard of numbers for a defensive lineman — by munching on tofu sticks.

 "He's got a big appetite and we have a lot of groceries. Part of the contract is that we buy his food." 

Some of Watt's buddies have Twitter teased him in the past about how he sometimes sits down and eats a whole chicken in one sitting. H-E-B may not know what it's gotten itself into.

Of course, having Houston's next Craig Biggio/Jeff Bagwell-level figure as your new spokesperson more than makes up for the most mega grocery bills.

On a more serious note, the H-E-B deal will help Watt do more with his Justin J. Watt Foundation, a charity dedicated to bolstering after-school programs in Houston and Wisconsin (Watt's homestate) that have insufficient funding. Whether it's building a real relationship with the Berry kids or inviting kids from Newton, Conn., to hang out with him at Reliant Stadium after the horrific school shooting, the Texans star has already built a well deserved rep for reaching out to children in need.

And he's a hunk — apparently.

"He's such a good-looking guy," McClelland says. "I think he'll appeal across gender and he's such a good steward of the community.

"I think our brands  — the J.J. Watt brand and the H-E-B brand — will mesh nicely."

One thing's for certain: Watt's H-E-B deal makes a lot more sense (if not cents) than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's much-ridiculed pimping of UGGs boots.

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